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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


GIRLS PRACTICE ART OF HOMEMAKING MRS. JU D IT H J O H E N N IN G Radford College MRS. ELIZABETH M O C K University of Tennessee This year, the home economics department played an important role not only in the lives of the individual students but also in the life of the entire school. In the home economics classes themselves the students were prepared to take care of a home and a family. They learned not only to cook and to serve meals, but also to make the meals nutritious and appetizing. The girls were taught to take care of children and at the same time to make the children comfortable and happy. In their sewing classes the students learned to make clothes that would be fashionable as well as durable and economical. In its contributions to school life, the department sponsored a tea for the contestants and judges in the Miss Highlander Pageant and frequently offered its gracious atmosphere for various school and club functions. Mrs. Johenning places the arm on a record that is to be the soundtrack for a filmstrip. Mrs. Mock answers the question of one of her students concerning the care of clothing.

Linda Burns and Catherine Lehman wrestle with an unruly pattern in home econom- Mrs. Johenning shows Brenda C atlett the correct way to put in the sleeves of a Jacket. 39

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