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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


DRIVER EDUCATION PROGRAM ADDED TO Improvement was the key word in the physical education department at Highland Springs for 1966, not only in the courses themselves, but also in the equipment which was necessary to teach them. In the boys' department more emphasis was placed on tumbling and gymnastics than ever before. The girls, too, experienced some firsts, such as folk dancing and written tests on the rules in the sports in which they participated. For all the students a driver education course was added which consisted of a written section and behind-the-wheel training. Besides these changes in courses, there were additions in equipment, such as a new trampoline, tennis courts, and the construction of a new basket room in the girls' locker room. In accordance with the objective of improvement, all of the students took physical fitness tests periodically. The emphasis was placed not only on physical conditioning but also on the cultivation of interest and skill in sports which the students would possibly participate in after their years at Highland Springs. Some of the sports which were taught with thought to the students' future sports life were tennis, badminton, volleyball, and golf. Extra activities were planned by the instructors in the department for all students who wished to take advantage of them. Intramural sports such as basketball and volleyball were greatly emphasized and offered to all students. W ith the arrival of spring came a gym show which consisted of tumbling and trampoline acts and a general demonstration of physical skills by both boys and girls. L IN D Y H IL L W est Virginia University G R A N T H U D S O N University of Richmond M RS. H A R R IETTE V . PR IC E Longwood College MRS. JA N E T W A Y L A N D Mary Washington Mrs. W ayland straightens some papers on her desk befon physical education classes on their daily exercises. reporting to the gym to drill the 40

PHY8. ED. CURRICULUM \ . ? { - -3 Coach Durham pays close attention as the tentative baseball team goes through its daily warm-up exercises. Mrs. W ayland helps her physical education students perform calisthenics while the varsity cheerleaders practice for the upcoming game. Coach Hudson studies team statistics in order to prepare his strategy for the next game.

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