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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


MR. KREITER PROJECTS IMAGE UPON STUDENTS The image o f M r. V ictor Kreiter as a stabilizing force continued to assert itself upon the students and staff of Highland Springs. W hether endeavoring to preserve its own individuality and traditions or attem pting to improve its offerings and standards, M r. Kreiter remained its unifying symbol o f spirit and strength fo r the school. Shouldering the numerous and tedious responsibilities required o f his position, our principal found that he must assume the role o f arbitrator, advisor, and disciplinarian, meeting each adm inistrative demand with interest and open mindedness. Though a man o f stern demeanor, M r. Kreiter's ready friendship and sincere manner put students a t ease and quickly won their respect. In spite o f the monumental tasks surrounding him, he was never too busy to exchange a cheerful word with a member of the staff or to lend a helping hand to a befuddled student. Mr. Kreiter starts the school day by studying his crowded agenda. Right: Mr. K'reiter and Mr. Durham discuss the best time for the football assembly. 46

GIBSON TACKLES DISCIPLINARY PROBLEMS A distinguished looking gentleman with tortoise shell glasses and a friendly smile, Mr. W ayne Gibson, served as Highland Springs' new assistant principal. Though he was not new on the Springer scene, M r. Gibson was, indeed, new to this position. When asked what his most d iffic u lt adjustment was in moving from junior guidance counselor to assistant principal, Mr. Gibson replied that it was his new relationship with the students in the field o f discipline. He explained that guidance had few, if any, encounters with disciplinary problems, while this was now his basic concern. Perhaps one of M r. Gibson's most time-consuming jobs was serving as supervisor fo r the new teachers. He made himself available to these teachers a t all times offering them any advice or helpful criticism th a t he fe lt m ight be o f value. Also included among M r. Gibson's varied duties was his work with the S.C.A., which, though entirely new to him, he found to be most enjoyable, and his job as overseer fo r guidance and attendance problems. The door to M r. Gibson's office was always open to those who sought his advice, and his warm personality created an atmosphere o f relaxation fo r all who entered. In managing S.C.A. affairs Mr. Gibson spends much time on the telephone. Even with administrative responsibilities Mr. Gibson still finds time upon occasion to counsel a student.

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