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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

George Rowand President

George Rowand President 8.C.A. STRIVES TO REACH GOALS SET FOR THE YEAR Ronnie Burruss Vice-President The S.C.A. proved to be one o f the chief unifying forces in Highland Springs this year. In every project, its main purpose was to bring the students into closer harmony with the faculty and the entire student body. The S.C.A. perform ed many services fo r the school beginning a t the very start o f the school year. The sophomore orientation was continued fo r the second year to help the newest students o f Highland Springs become at least partially fam iliar with the school. M ost o f the money-raising projects were devoted to the A.F.S. program. The S.C.A. sold basketball programs a t all home games, and later in the year, sold tie tacks and pins in the shape o f the Springer emblem. The nominating and the elections committees were kept busy in March with the election o f S.C.A. officers fo r the coming school year. W ith the enthusiastic co-operation o f the entire student body, the S.C.A. made this a most successful year. George Rowand, S.C.A. president, ponders thoughtfully before answering a fellow Springer's question. Dale Newcomb Secretary Judy Nauman Treasurer 52

Homeroom Presidents; (Seated) Row I: Karen Ladd, Linda Poindexter, Cheryl Tucker, Lea Ennis, Donna Gardner, Marilyn Hood, Gary Whitehurst, Julia Jackson, Betsy Pierce, Sue Connatser, Connie Eborn, Georgette Hughes, Christy Cooke, Wayne Baker. Row 2: Chris Layne, Gale Noel, Jimmy Whitlow, Danny Lohwasser, Franky Butler, Tommy Kirk, Larry Horton, Mickey Matthews, Charlie Parker, Jerry Crews, Jay Siddons, Derek Ellerman, Ronnie Hardy, Ronnie Goodman. Row 3: Bert Tyler, Elbert Hodge, Dennis Newcomb, John Fraysee. To Live I s • * A fte r "minding the polls" their own ballots. all day, Carol Boykin and Carol Warren mark Co-chairman Betty Slaughter and Decorations and Entertainment Committee member Betsy Pierce work on a bulletin board reminding students of the Sophomore Class Dance. 53

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