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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Rodney Kaufman, chairman

Rodney Kaufman, chairman of the Safety Committee, checks the safety equipment used on the school buses. COMMITTEES OF Sandra Cash and Jay Siddons, co-chairmen of the Assembly Committee, are relieved to hear that their speaker will be able to attend the Christmas assembly. Linda Tomasek, chairman of the Decorations and Exhibits Committee, prepares a poster for an S.C.A. project. 54

A.F.S. committee member, Bunny Howell, talks with the A.F.S. student from Uruguay attending J.M . High School and invites him to visit the school for an assembly. Christy Cooke and Velma Wills, co-chairmen o f the Publicity Committee fo r the S.C.A., work on a poster announcing the senior play. S.C.A. SHARE VARIED RESPONSIBILITIES The success o f the S.C.A. at Highland Springs was due largely to the appointed com m ittee heads and their committees, who assisted with the projects o f the S.C.A. One extremely im portant com m ittee was the A.F.S. C om ­ m ittee. Plans fo r future projects to aid the American Field Service program were carried out by this committee. The Decorations and Exhibits C om m ittee, which put up bulletin boards, made name tags, and designed covers fo r programs, began its plans fo r the year even before school opened by preparing bulletin boards in the main hall to welcome both students and teachers. Also concerned w ith decorations, the Decorations and Entertainment Comm ittee transform ed the cafeteria with appropriate decorations fo r dances sponsored by the S. C. A. Many o f the committees assisted the student body directly, such as the Publicity C om m ittee, which publicized the programs and activities o f the S.C.A. fo r students as well as the general public. The Reception and Alumni Com ­ m ittee welcomed the form er students a t the Homecoming festivities and guided parents a t the P.T.A.’s "Back-to- School N ig h t". Ballot boxes at all school elections were manned by the Elections C om m ittee which also nominated the candidates fo r S.C.A. office. O th e r d irect contributions to student life were made by the Safety C om m ittee, which assisted in the direction o f school tra ffic, and the Assembly C om m ittee which arranged and presented programs to the student body. Donnie Ball, chairman of the Alumni and Reception Committee, explains to Mr. Casteel how he plans to organize the alumni reception for Homecoming.

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