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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


BETAS TAKE PART IN COMMUNITY PROJECT President......................... Robert Smith Vice-President ................ Diane Miller S e c re ta ry ......................... Sandra Cash Treasurer..................... Harvey Grubbs By the flickering flames o f candles, symbolizing the flame o f knowledge, forty-seven new members were tapped into the Highland Springs chapter of the National Beta C lub. On A p ril I I with this new honor, each new member, recalling the years o f hard work to maintain a consistent scholastic superiority, was filled with a sense of pride and o f accomplishment as he mounted the stage and was form ally initiated into the Beta Club. To prove that th.ey could display citizenship as well as scholarship in their school life, the club members collected toys a t Christmas fo r the children at M.C.V. The club ended the year with its annual picnic and looked forward to a fru itfu l year in '66. Diane Miller, Beta Club Vice-President, prepares the traditional yellow ribbons for the Beta Club tapping. Beta Club— Front Row: Mickey Matthews, Harvey Grubbs, Diane Miller, Sandra Cash, Bobby Smith. Row 2: Dale Newcomb, Velma Wills, Becky Sutton, Christy Cooke. Row 3: Donna Gardner, Miriam Williams, Susan Kaufelt, Mary Ferguson, Linda Tomasek, Judy Journey. Row 4: Diane Houston, Linda Tiller, Donna Wiltshire, Arsonia De Priest, Sandra Alexandra, Martha Matheny. Row 5: Susan Lohwasser, Connie Wiles, Jean West, Judy Isbell, Linda Covington, Linda Gusti, Marie Hariman. Row 6: John Campbell, Donnie Ball, Jimmy Peters, Glenn Sharp, Joe lllig. 60

N.H.S. HONORS STUDENT LEADERSHIP \4*i On Wednesday, M ay 25, tw enty-five members o f the junior and senior classes o f Highland Springs were inducted into the J. Irving Brooks C hapter o f the National Honor Society. This initiation, representing a great honor to a high school student, reflected hours o f serious and careful thought by a faculty comm ittee. Remembering the d ifficu lt requirements fo r membership, the com m ittee studied and strived to evaluate each candidate realistically and justly with attention not only to the student's academic achievements, but also to his qualities o f character and leadership. The impressive assembly o f the society served effectively to remind the student body o f the need and reward fo r excellence in scholarship as a preparation fo r college academic demands and as an assistance toward future employment requirements. It was with pride and respect th a t the school bestowed honor upon these, its outstanding stude/its. A National Honor Society members, Donna Gardner, George Rowand, Diane Miller, Donna Wiltshire, Susan Lohwasser, Sandra Cash, and Donnie Ball, assemble for their picture in honor of their services and leadership in their final year at Highland Springs. Faculty members of the National Honor Society Committee carefully screen the qualifications of student nominees.

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