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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


KEY CLUB SUPPORTS CITIZENSHIP AT H.S. President ........................... Donald Ball Vice-president..........Steve Chapman Sec.-Treas........................David Dennier C h a p la in .............................. Billy Powell As in years past, the Highland Springs Key Club took an active part in the citizenship o f the student body. Under the leadership o f the four o f­ ficers headed by the president, Donnie Ball, and the guidance o f the sponsors, Mr. Van der Smissen and M r. Ernest Sanders, the club completed various worthwhile projects, including a program fo r maintaining the appearance o f the football field and an Easter assembly. The boys also loaned their talents to the cheerleaders in a schoolwide e ffo rt to boost spirits during Pep W eek. Judy Nauman, an attractive junior, was later chosen as the club's sweetheart. As one o f her duties, she presided over the annual Christmas dance, the profits o f which were retained by the Key Club. Front Row: Donnie Ball, Allen Flint, Harvey Srubbs, Charles O'Connor, Bruce Hawkins. Row 2 : Steve Chapman, Paul Quel, Billy Powell, David Dennier, John Saunders, Ronnie Payne, Alan Crumpler. Key Club members, Donnie Ball and Steve Chapman, clean up the school grounds as one of the many projects sponsored by the Key Club. 62

Quill and Scroll: Front Row: Miriam Williams, Velma Wills, Christy Cooke, Ed Morehouse, Donna Gardner, Connie Eborn. Row 2: Diane Miller, Susan Lohwasser, Sandra Alexander, Sandra Cash, Gayle Soloe, Dale Newcomb, Donna Wiltshire. QUILL AND SCROLL TAPS SEVENTEEN A t its annual assembly on May fourth, seventeen new members were inducted into Quill and Scroll. The organization, affiliated with the International H onorary Society fo r High School Journalists, gave recognition to outstanding Springer journalists. Since the organization was essentially honorary in nature, the thirteen member group had only two meetings during the year, one to elect officers and another to choose the students who were to be tapped in the spring. A ll those students chosen as members o f Q uill and Scroll worked on one o f the three literary publications, were juniors or seniors, were recommended by their advisors, and were scholastically in the upper third o f their classes. A fte r the assembly, both old and new members held a meeting fo r the purpose o f electing officers fo r the 1966-67 school year. Kay Plyler was chosen president and Jamie C utler was elected treasurer. Miriam Williams, Quill and Scroll member, proudly shows her certificate of membership to Mrs. Sorrell. 63

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