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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Ed Morehouse

Ed Morehouse Editor-in-Chief Donna Wiltshire Art Editor Danny Lohwasser Prose Ellen McLear Poetry Richard Wilcox Poetry BROGUE SPONSORS PUBLICATION DRIVE From the beginning o f its fourth year o f publication, the Brogue had to overcome difficulties greater than usual. In the first place, due to a larger school enrollment, members o f the Brogue staff had to give up their traditional work room to a study hall, thereby having cramped working facilities. Also, a d e b t from the previous year caused an almost crippling lack o f funds. Ingenuity and hard work, however, prevailed, and a fine magazine was produced through the cooperative efforts o f the staff. Under a new sponsor, Mrs. Frances S. Gibbs, the Brogue staff experimented with new types o f layout formS, planned and executed a very successful subscription drive, and established an almost complete rapport with the English and a rt departments in obtaining the best material possible fo r the magazine. The crowning touch o f the year was the sending o f a c o p y o f the Brogue to represent Highland Springs a t the annual SI PA convention. Ed Morehouse and Carol Boykin discuss a layout for the next edition o f the Brogue as Stef Fouts looks on. 64

Ed Morehouse, editor of the Brogue, checks out a reference book on proof reading. Sandra Largen and Richard Wilcox look in the Brogue files for • pieces of student work to be used in the magazine. As Donna W iltshire looks over some art work for the Brogue, Pam Brackett seems to be absorbed in proofing a piece of copy.

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