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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


HIGHLANDER STAFF REVISES BOOK'S CONCEPT Realizing th a t revolutionary changes are sometimes infe rio r to gradual advances, the Highlander staff under the inspiration o f its advisor, M r. G eorge Pugh, dedicated itself to achieving newer concepts in yearbook purpose and design. W ith the voices o f traditio n in one ear and the cries fo r reform in the other, the editors studied, planned, experimented, and constructed their way from part to part, to achieve a whole from which each contributing member drew satisfaction and pride. In their revision o f the book's concept, the sta ff eliminated vast amounts o f copy to achieve a relevancy and' sim plicity o f coverage. Through the use o f bold layouts employing large, vertical pictures, and through their attention to im aginative photography, both journalistic and mood, the staff achieved, at least fo r themselves, the beginning o f progress. O f course, the staff ex- perienced the usual self-doubt, criticism, disappontment, and even disgust which often accompany creativity. W ith the weariness in body and the exhaustion o f mind which came with deadline fervor, the members discovered that their laughter had helped th eir learning, just as their tears, perhaps, had enhanced their contribution. Donna Gardner Editor -in- Chief Ted Dempster Layout Editor Linda Tomasek Literary Editor Sherry Drudge Business Editor Linda Tomasek, literary editor of the Highlander, and copy writer Lynn Stitzer, work diligently on outlines for the organization section. 70

Brenda C atlett puts the finishing touches on her section as Bonnie Luck, Barbara Cabell, and Linda Keyser prepare the pages for mailing Right: Mary Ferguson and Carolyn Tittle discuss the arrangement of pictures activities page. Below: Ted Dempster, Layout Editor, consults Donna Gardner, Editor-in-Chief, on a question concerning the pagination. 71

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