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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook

Front Row: Linda Thomas,

Front Row: Linda Thomas, Judy Wells, Lynn Wanda Rush, Eleanor Ogburn, Patty Brown. ell, Brenda Prichett, Janice Pleasants, Joyce Cooper, Lea Ennis, Peggy Truman, Jane At- Second Row: Shelley Walton, Beverly Gray, Parson, Dee Nicholson, Jamie Cutler, Barbara kinson, JoAnne Meador, Marilyn Hood, Con- Mary Kay Gorman, Judy Isbell, Miriam W il- Cabell, June G riffith, Nancy Traylor, Georgette nie Wiles, Sandra Largen, Judy Journey, liams, Linda Tomasek, Lois Hrubik, Bunny How- Hughs. F. T. A. SELLS CANDY AS GROUP PROJECT President.................... JoAnne Meador Vice-President................Marilyn Hood S ecretary......................... Connie Wiles Treasurer......... ............... Jane Atkinson Marilyn Hood, selling candy for an F. T. A. fund with David Dennier and Christy Cooke. raising project, laughingly transacts a sale A t the monthly meetings o f the F. T. A., its thirty-five members gained knowledge about the preparation necessary fo r entering the teaching profession. From the speakers who addressed the club, the members received inform ation about colleges and the obtainm ent o f scholarships and loans. The F. T. A . members were constantly busy with projects. A fifty dollar scholarship was offered by the club to a Highland Springs senior who planned on becoming a teacher. Money making projects held to support this scholarship were doughnut and candy sales. In A pril, the club held a "Teachers' A ppreciation Day" during which members ran errands fo r teachers and held a tea fo r them in the afternoon. A nother project was the "Student Teaching Day" when -junior and senior club members taught fo r an entire day. 78

CLUB HOLDS FAVORITE BOOK POLL President.........................Connie Wiles V ice-president............ George Ashley Secretary-Treasurer .... W endy West A t monthly meetings o f the Library Club, its members planned activities to stimulate student interest in reading and in utilizing library facilities. In keeping with this aim, the club conducted a "book poll" during National Library W eek in A p ril in which each teacher and student voted fo r his favorite book. To further inspire student interest, the club sponsored an assembly which featured Rev. Vander W arner o f Grove Avenue Baptist Church who spoke on the rewards o f reading. Mrs. Taylor discusses plans for the next Library Club meeting with the president and the vice-president, Connie Wiles and George Ashley. Library Club: Front Row: George Ashley, Wendy West, Connie Wiles. Row 2: Henry Ragland, Sharon Shipman, Carolyn Hurley, Suzanne Nuttall. Row 3 : June G riffith, Jimmy Barden, Synthia W hite.

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