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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


A.F.8. STUDENT VISITS FRENCH CLUB President ........................... Judy Isbell Vice-President .................... Stef Fouts S ecre ta ry ..................... Delores Howell Treasurer ....................... Wayne Baker Donna Wiltshire, Bunny Howell, Stef Fouts, and Judy Isbell prepare to listen to some French tapes in the laboratory. The French Club was reorganized this year fo r those students in first and second year French classes who were interested in further knowledge o f French civilization and culture. Programs were planned and presented to give the members a better understanding o f the French people as well as their language and customs. The A.F.S. student attending H erm itage High School, Genevieve Gachignard from Tours, France, spoke about French school life at one program. A t another meeting, several H ighlan d Springs students who had lived in a French-speaking country recalled their knowledge of French life. The club sponsored many activities throughout the year, including a candy sale to raise money fo r the A.F.S. drive o f the Inter-C lub Council. Through the various activities o f the club, its members learned more about the French people and their ways o f life than could be learned in regular classroom study. Front Row: Darlene King, Linda Covington, Dickie Deboe, Donna Wiltshire, Martha Matheny, Sherry Drudge, Judy Isbell, Stefani Fouts, Wayne Baker, Bunny Howell, Barbara Cabell, Sandi Mertens, Cindy Council, Linda Poindexter. Standing: Mary Ferguson, Judy Nauman, Pat Wirtz, Jamie Cutler, Linda Tiller, Cindy Stark, Sandy Largen, Jean West, Esther Cooper, Lenore Hobbie, Carolyn Byrd, Nancy Byrd, Linda Keyser, Pam Garnett. 86

Dressed in their traditional robes, the A Cappella Choir assembles for its picture. A CAPPELLA PERFORMS AT EASTER ASSEMBLY Pride in the individual's development o f his own talent and pride in his group's contribution to the creation o f good music was encouraged by the choral director, M r. Doss Phillips, in daily A Cappella C hoir rehearsals. In addition to singing during rehearsals, the choir discussed the development o f choral music through the years and listened to recordings to improve skills in the interpretation o f musical selections. Pride in individual talent was exemplified in the students who represented Highland Springs at the All- State and A ll-C ounty Choruses. In addition to these appearances, selected students received excellent ratings fo r their performances at the Virginia Music Festival. The benefits received from this com petition were seen a t the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts. G arbed in the traditional robes, the A Cappella C hoir provided a background of religious music fo r the Easter assembly and the Baccalaureate service in June. Linda Roepke and Betty Stanley put on their robes for the spring assembly by the A Cappella Choir. 87

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