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Highlander 1966

Highland Springs High School, Highlander 1966 Yearbook


VARSITY MAJORETTES ACQUIRE SCOTTISH This year the varsity and junior varsity majorettes combined their talents fo r the first tim e. Spectators a t many football games were entertained by the seventeen girls perform ing numerous jazz and traditional march routines which were organized with much hard work during summer and first period practice sessions. A nother first fo r the majorettes was the participation o f the entire varsity squad in fire baton routines. A fte r the football season, the group perform ed fo r several P. T. A . programs, the Toy Parade, and the Band Variety Show. The varsity squad accompanied the band to -th e A pple Blossom Festival in W inchester and the opening o f Interstate H ighway 64. During the year, the girls aided the band in the donation drive fo r new uniforms and sold toothbrushes as a project to raise money fo r their own use. Varsity Majorettes: Left to Right: Isabell Ferguson, Betty Croxton, Peggy Seay, Lynn .Stitzer, and Linda Pease. Majorette Lynn Stitzer adds a festive touch to one of the home football games as she performs at halftime. 94

COSTUMES FOR APPLE BLOSSOM FESTIVAL Junior Varsity Majorettes: Left to Right: Kathy Taylor, Beverly Gregg, Judy Geer, Cathy Hunt, Becky Vass, Helga Ludwig, Aileen Verelle, Bonnie Hardiman, Linda Thomas, Deborah Rochelle, Jean Seay. Varsity majorettes enjoy the football game while they rest between routines. 95

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