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Seeking the Next Greatest Generation

Seeking the Next Greatest

Seeking the Next Greatest Generation By Thomas Addaquay Consider this your invitation to become part of an extraordinary movement transcending the bitter political divide and united in shared purpose blind to color, party and religion. We reach out not just to the young, but young of heart and young in spirit. To inspire hope with human, accessible solutions, not partisan rhetoric, and armed with a plan to do it. The famed journalist Tom Brokaw is best remembered for his brilliant book The Greatest Generation; a chronicle of ‘ordinary people’ born in the early 20 th Century. They were our grandparents and great-grandparents, living through world wars, depression and profound cultural change. Their perseverance, sacrifice and industriousness is an enduring example of intuitive faith in a greater good that sparked unprecedented industrial and technological progress bettering lives for all and, best of all, doing it inclusively and without prejudice. Their selflessness won hard-fought freedom and opportunity for all of us that followed, but it can be fairly said we’ve bungled the treasure they meant as our legacy Today, the cost coming due is seen in the dark clouds threatening the habitability of our planet. Politics aside, life-altering climate change poses an ominous threat to future prosperity for the next generations; the millennials, post-millennials; their children and grand-children. Surely that Greatest Generation expected better stewardship from us. And we owe the next Greatest Generation more than an apology for our short-sightedness and denial. We owe them tools to overcome all that and more. We see this as urgent, and not optional. Because the next war is already raging, silently, all around us. Marked not by political coups or by violent military campaigns, but by an assault on Mother Nature, and by a deep and dark political blindness to environmental annihilation. Victory must be transformative; challenging and reimagining ill-fated, outdated paradigms as the Greatest Generation did over half a century ago. Requiring new strategies and rules of engagement, new technologies and software advances that redefine, raise the bar and usher in a new era of possibilities and sustainable social solutions. A future where people, not governments, solve problems as they liberate and protect the planet we all call home.