8 months ago

Crafter's Choice 2018


CRAFTER’S CHOICE QUALITY CRAFT BRUSHES Welcome to Royal & Langnickel and our products. Crafter’s Choice is a collection of unique craft brushes, tools and accessories that will delight crafters of all ages and skill levels. These versatile products work well with nearly all craft mediums and surfaces. Take a look at our selection to see how we can help make your crafting dreams a reality. GOLDEN TAKLON Medium-soft hair, ideal for medium to light bodied acrylics, watercolors, oils, temperas and glazes. Works well with gloss, metallic and neon paints. WHITE TAKLON Medium-firm hair, ideal for medium bodied paints. Great for a streak-free application of matte, satin and glitter finishes. BROWN TAKLON Medium hair, ideal for medium bodied acrylics, watercolors, oils, temperas and glazes. Provides streak-free, even coverage. BLACK TAKLON Firm hair, ideal for heavy bodied mediums. Hairs are durable enough to use on textured surfaces without breaking. SYNTHETIC CAMEL/SABLE Soft hair, ideal for light bodied mediums. The super absorbent filaments work great with watercolor, temperas and washes. BRISTLE Extra firm hair, ideal for painting on rough surfaces. Effortlessly spreads medium to thick paints for smooth, even coverage. 2

CRAFTER’S CHOICE BRUSH SET ANATOMY Crafter’s Choice packaging is eye-catching, clearly labeled and color coded by hair type. The package also includes information on brush use and what type of mediums work best with that type of hair. The back of the package illustrates what type of stroke each brush makes, eliminating confusion. COLORFUL PACKAGE Packaging is color coded by hair type, eliminating confusion. BRUSH STROKE CHART Easily determine what type of strokes each brush shape makes. NO SLIP RUBBER GRIP Durable polymer handles feature a soft rubber grip for extra comfort while painting. BRUSH CARE Extend the life of your brushes by using our brush cleaning and care tips. CONTENT DISPLAY & PIECE COUNT A complete list of contents clearly listed. Piece count prominently displayed with large, bold text. 3