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UNDEREMPLOYMENT Underemployment describes portions of a population working in careers which do not fully utilize the education they have received. The underemployed workforce represents a talent pool of qualified workers available for jobs with more education than required by the jobs they currently hold. Emsi evaluates gaps between the educational attainment of a regional population and typical entry level job requirements. Emsi uses detailed regional analysis of deltas between this supply and demand of education in a market to reveal underemployment. The figure below represents employment of the population age 25 and older. Understanding underemployment in Clarksville requires further investigation. While the most obvious explanation, that jobs requiring higher skills are not available, may be true; there are other reasons that could factor into the gap. One being that exiting military do not have the typical educational requirements to apply for higher wage jobs but may have the experience to do these jobs well. Given the prevalence of military, highly educated spouses may be choosing lower level jobs for flexibility (however, this plays a small role, given recent survey results – only 33% of military spouses surveyed, work). Another argument could be made that the large number of businesses, particularly in manufacturing, have jobs available but not the population to support them. Another potential factor could be that wages are low, despite the education or the experience level required. The figure below depicts the percentage point difference between share of jobs and people to fill them by typical entry level education. Negative numbers indicate an oversupply of people while a positive number represents more jobs than people to fill them. Keeping in mind this is typical entry level of education, there are not enough middle skill jobs for the amount of people with these skill levels. There are plenty of people with skills or who want skills to get better jobs but the jobs are not available. UNDEREMPLOYMENT IN THE CLARKSVILLE MSA (difference* between share of jobs and population by typical entry level of educational attainment) –20% –15% –10% –5% 0% 5% 10% 15% Graduate Degree and Higher Bachelor’s Degree Associate’s Degree Some college, no degree High school diploma or equivalent No formal educational credential * negative numbers indicate a surplus Source: Emsi Dataset 2017.3 MORE PEOPLE THAN JOBS MORE JOBS THAN PEOPLE 22 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

COMMUTING PATTERNS Commuting patterns show how far workers travel from their places of residence to their places of work. This data demonstrates whether there is an adequate supply of workers or jobs within a given area. For a more concise and directed assessment, commuting patterns were analyzed for Montgomery County using data from the Census LEHD’s On the Map program. Then, Emsi proprietary data was analyzed to better understand the skillsets of Montgomery County residents. FIGURE 13: Concentration of Jobs vs. Net Commuters, 10-County Region Source: Emsi Dataset 2017.3 Labor Force 23

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