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FIGURE 14: Commuting

FIGURE 14: Commuting Patterns, Montgomery County (2015, all jobs) 27+50+87+22+25+25+29+27 23+38+64+19+14+22+28+25 22+28+26+17+12+21+26+24 17+23+22+16+8+19+19+15 W WHERE MONTGOMERY COUNTY RESIDENTS WORK Job Counts by Distance/Direction in 2015 All Workers NW 4,000 N 34+71+96+54+73+76+65+47 31+58+70+47+57+71+63+45 29+47+48+40+52+62+61+43 26+39+36+31+38+51+52+39 Circles are at >10 miles, 10-24 miles, 25-50 miles,

TABLE 6: Where Residents from Montgomery County Work within the 10-county Region, 2015 (all jobs) WORK IN COUNTY OF RESIDENCE WORK OUTSIDE COUNTY OF RESIDENCE AVG TRAVEL TIME TO WORK Cheatham 15% 85% 31.6 Dickson 34% 66% 31.3 Houston 30% 70% 33.4 Robertson 28% 72% 28.9 Stewart 26% 74% 34.4 Montgomery 53% 47% 24.2 Trigg 34% 66% 26.5 Christian 62% 38% 17 Todd 28% 72% 24 Logan 41% 59% 23 Source: U.S. Census Bureau, Center for Economic Studies, On the Map program (2015, all jobs) Roughly 53% of Montgomery County residents work within the county—a high share compared to the greater region, while 47% leave the county every day for work. The data show a portion of Montgomery County residents working as far as Memphis, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, Tennessee. This can be triggered by the student population, residents working at larger firms (headquarters, etc), or higher education institutions in those areas. According to the Census, there are more Montgomery County residents earning at least $21 per hour than there are jobs paying that wage within the County. Meanwhile, there are more jobs in Montgomery County that pay less than $7.80 per hour than there are residents who earn that wage. It stands to reason that the gap is made up of people who work in Montgomery County but live outside of it. These wage data point to two potential trends worth investigating: whether more talented workers must leave the area daily, while those with fewer skills who make up a sizable chunk of the local workforce are unable to live in the area. FIGURE 15: Net Commuters of Resident Workers, Montgomery County (2016) JOBS 58,500 RESIDENT WORKERS (AVAILABLE WORKFORCE) 64,000 NET COMMUTERS (OF RESIDENT WORKERS) -5,500 Source: Emsi dataset 2017.3 Labor Force 25

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