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Office and administrative support is the largest occupation group in Montgomery County. Call centers employ the largest share of these workers, followed by local government. The majority of sales positions are in warehouse clubs—either Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club or Costco (Figure 20). Only eight of the 23 occupation groups have a median wage under $15 per hour, which approaches the regional median. None of these rank amongst the highest paid, however (Table 9). Occupations that appear to be highest on the regional pay scale, and which also employ a sizeable number of workers, are registered nurses and elementary school teachers at approximately $28 per hour. Several high skills, high wage occupations are expected to experience growth in the next five years, such as elementary and secondary school teachers, registered nurses, general and operations managers, and postsecondary teachers. Figure 21 provides a look at job growth and the average annual job openings for workers with some college or above by occupation group. Job openings refer to new jobs due to growth plus replacement jobs due to worker turnover. Between 2016 and 2021, the occupations with the projected highest number of job growth and average annual job openings for workers with some college or above occurs in education occupations (teachers), healthcare practitioners, and management. FIGURE 21: Job Growth and Average Annual Openings by Occupation Group with Some College and Above Experience, Montgomery County (2016-2021) Job Growth Annual Openings 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 Education, Training, and Library Healthcare Practitioners and Technical Management Business and Financial Operations Healthcare Support Computer and Mathematical Community and Social Service Personal Care and Service Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Transportation and Material Moving Installation, Maintenance, and Repair Architecture and Engineering Protective Service Office and Administrative Support Life, Physical, and Social Science Sales and Related Legal Source: Emsi Dataset 2017.3 38 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

REAL-TIME DATA KEY HIGHLIGHTS Supply: 37,000 profiles of Montgomery County residents • customer service reps • retail • sales and general managers • administrative assistants Demand: 45,000 annual job postings • truck drivers • registered nurses • real estate agents and salespersons • supervisors of retail and food workers Emsi’s proprietary database, Workforce Insight, includes the professional profiles of nearly 37,000 people in Montgomery County who are currently employed, recently employed, or seeking employment. These Montgomery County residents work in a range of jobs from customer service representatives, retail and sales, to managers, maintenance mechanics, and registered nurses (see Figure 22, on the next page). Workforce Insight observations rely heavily on resumes and profiles found within online social and professional networking sites as well as job hunting sites. These sites tend to reflect a higher number of people who work in professional or office environments over those who work in the skilled trades, as well as people who may use such sites professionally, including sales, account or project managers, and sales or customer services representatives. According to Emsi’s Job Posting Analytics, there were over 45,000 unique job postings over the past year. One in four unique job postings were in Montgomery County with most of them in Clarksville, followed closely by Hopkinsville in Christian County. The top posted occupations were truck drivers, by far. This is a national trend as some of the top trucking companies post nationwide on a continual basis. The next two posted occupations were registered nurses and, surprisingly, physicians. Figure 22 provides a trendline of the real-time labor market supply and demand trends in Montgomery County. The data enable important findings, such as, the most listed employers, top listed occupations, and compensation data. The Economy and Job Performance 39

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