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MILITARY Fort Campbell

MILITARY Fort Campbell straddles both Montgomery County, TN and Christian County, KY. The base is a vital part of the region. The impact military personnel and their families have on the 10-county region is substantial—both during and after their transition out of the military, for those who choose to stay in the area. KEY HIGHLIGHTS • 400 military exits each month • 63,200 veterans living in 10-county region • 14% of total expenditures spent on behalf of veterans are for education, vocational rehabilitation, and employment programs Top Civilian Occupations: • Managers, truck drivers, technicians, and mechanics On average, approximately 400 personnel separate from service from Fort Campbell each month (Fort Campbell Strong Economic Growth Plan 2016). According to the same study, 2,442 personnel were scheduled to separate from service in 2016. This is a large labor pool the region has been struggling to capitalize on. The 10-county region is home to over 63,000 veterans in 2017, and Montgomery County retains nearly 36,000 of that total (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs) while Christian County has nearly 9,300 veterans. Almost 60% of the military employment in Kentucky is located at Fort Campbell. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs projects the growth in veteran population to slow over the next decade, from approximately 3% annually to 1.5%. TABLE 11: Veteran Population by County, 2017 Montgomery, TN 34,900 Christian, KY 9,300 Robertson, TN 5,200 Dickson, TN 4,000 Cheatham, TN 3,100 Logan, KY 1,800 Stewart, TN 1,800 Trigg, KY 1,500 Todd, KY 900 Houston, TN 700 10-county Region 63,200 44 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

The May 2017 Soldier For Life Survey, (administered and compiled by) Fort Campbell Soldier For Life-Transition Assistance Program, extracted the following characteristics of exiting military: • 20% plan on staying in the area • 47% would stay in the area if there were desirable employment in the area • 41% have high school/GED as highest level of education • 90% male • 65% in the lowest pay grades—making about $21/hour including benefits • 65% are ages 18–28 • 70% leave voluntarily; 15% who retire; 15% separate for a variety of other reasons • 90% have been planning their exit for 4-20 months • 40% have been in the military for 4 years; 30% have been in the military for 5-8 years • 55% are married • One-third have children living at home • One-fourth have completed career skills training • 35% stay in the area. Of those 35%, half stay because of job opportunities MILITARY SKILLS IN THE CIVILIAN LABOR FORCE Figure 26 shows the distribution of skills among those separating from service. Roughly 90% of all exiting military from Fort Campbell are enlisted, compared to 8% Commissioned, and 3% Warrant. The analysis provided in this section reflects only those enlisted occupations most likely to match with civilian occupations. FIGURE 26: Distribution of Skills of Exiting Military Infantry Supply & Services Aviation Maintenance Logistics Medical Field Artillery Signal/ Communication Corps of Engineers Military Police Administrative Electronics/Missile maintenance Chemical Armor Intelligence Air Defense Artillery Other 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% Source: 2016 Post-Military Service Intent survey The following analysis was conducted to understand what occupations are most comparable for exiting military using the 16 main military categories according to the 2016 Post-Military Service Intent survey. No federal or military guidance exists to assist with the military to civilian occupation crosswalk process. First, there are no Military Occupation Classification (MOC). Codes that correspond to military occupation specialties. O*NET OnLine provides a collection of military occupation codes to the nearest Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) code from each military branch; however, definitions and descriptions are unavailable. Therefore, Emsi has Military 45

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