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EDUCATION & TRAINING DEMAND KEY HIGHLIGHTS 4,700 people completed regional higher education programs in 2016 Collaborative partnerships: • HCC/APSU expand KY FAME program to incorporate articulation to APSU • APSU/TCAT/CMCSS expand Siemens-certified Mechatronics program (AAS and BS) • Fort Campbell Strong Defense Alliance Potential Education and Training Opportunities • Shortage of regional education completions: ·· Teachers ·· Truck drivers ·· Automotive technicians and mechanics • Oversaturated programs for: ·· Coaches ·· Medical Assistants ·· Skin care specialists 54 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

FIGURE 27: Higher Education Institutions, 10-county Region There are nine higher education institutions in the 10-county region. Austin Peay State University (APSU) comprises nearly half the region’s completions. Of the 2,200 degrees awarded in 2016 at APSU, roughly 70% were bachelor’s degrees and 14% in associate’s and master’s degrees each. Over 1,300 students completed programs at Hopkinsville Community College (HCC) during the same year (see Table 13). TABLE 13: Completions by Institution, 10-county Region INSTITUTION 2012 2016 Austin Peay State University 1,892 2,201 Hopkinsville Community College 1,305 1,272 Tennessee College of Applied Technology 344 305 Miller-Motte Technical College 231 303 Daymar College 232 224 North Central Institute 328 215 Brown Mackie College (Ross College) 129 76 Queen City College 104 72 Buchanan Beauty College — 11 4,565 4,679 The graph on the next page illustrates the gap in regional education completions and annual average openings for the top growing occupations that have a median hourly pay of above $15 per hour and typical entry level of education requiring some college or above. Green numbers illustrate more annual job openings than there are people completing educational programs for that type of job (a gap in workers). Red numbers indicate that there are more people completing programs than there are job openings (a surplus of workers). Education & Training Demand 55

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