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to town. Research has shown that people tend to move to cities with plentiful amenities. Research also tells us that college graduates prefer built urban amenities, while the elderly favor natural amenities and people engaging in technology patents like both. I believe that we have the infrastructure to do both. With a growing industrial presence and manufacturing reputation that will only grow, I see us at a tipping point, in reference to who we are. Should our riverside development ever take off, alongside the manufacturing growth, ‘Sky’s the limit!’” Now is an opportune time for Clarksville to build on its manufacturing and educational foundations to increase the number of office jobs, research and development work, entrepreneurial activity, and options for graduates to remain in the area. Uniformly, these leaders believe that a target population for Montgomery County should range from 250,000 to 350,000 so that Clarksville can retain its hometown feel while supporting a vibrant, diverse economy. ‘We should create enough infrastructure and business so that people who don’t want to go to Nashville for shopping/entertainment don’t have to, but we do not need to replicate Nashville. We can highlight the uniqueness of Clarksville with its beautiful greenways, river, downtown areas. We can make Clarksville a destination for people in Nashville and other parts of Middle Tennessee who want to spend a weekend or an afternoon exploring. We do not need to recruit lowwage manufacturing jobs. As Clarksville grows, more people will be required to support that growth (restaurants, service industries, for instance). They’ll have opportunities to work in the bigger economy.’ (paraphrased for clarity) Clarksville is rich in natural resources, corporate investment and activity, defense spending (Fort Campbell), and educational opportunities. It is strategically located—along the Cumberland River and both close enough to Nashville for residents to enjoy the rich entertainment offered there, yet distant enough to retain its identity. With so many choices for future direction, the goal of this study is to provide Clarksville leaders with information to enable highly focused action in building Clarksville’s identity, supporting infrastructure, and future development. 6 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

DEMOGRAPHIC PROFILE The City of Clarksville is situated within Montgomery County in middle Tennessee. Located only 50 miles north of Nashville and easily accessible from several major interstates, Clarksville is strategically located within a day’s drive of 76% of major U.S. cities. This scenic region is a prime area for business and commerce with an array of metropolitan amenities and year-round attractions with its rich history and culture. KEY HIGHLIGHTS • Strong population growth in Clarksville and Montgomery County • The share of millennials is above the national average for an area of its size • Clarksville and Montgomery County resemble the country with respect to racial diversity. • Average earnings are 23–32% below the national average, depending on regional geography • High levels of poverty in Clarksville and 10-county region but below the national average in Montgomery County • Share of residents holding a bachelor’s degree or higher is below the national average Demographic Profile 7

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