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• Openness to information seeking • Realistic job search preview • Resume preparation • Interview preparation He suggests that programs and counseling efforts can enhance these traits for exiting soldiers. Furthermore, Dr. Mael’s study highlights efforts that employers and workforce and economic developers can do. These include: • Employer programs to facilitate social integration and workplace friendships • Mentoring in the workplace • Protocol for onboarding veterans • Educate hiring managers For government and agencies • Programs and tax incentives to hire veterans • Coordinated efforts to better link veterans with employers • Understand best practices by states and companies • Classification system for job search readiness • Track new veteran hires and identify critical junctures • Identify/adapt relevant networking training • Make case for preferring hiring veteran’s spouses CREATE AN IMPLEMENTATION PLAN Two studies, one from 2009 and the other from 2013, were conducted to provide economic development implementation strategies.23 These thorough reports can provide the basis for updating the next steps to take in ensuring that Clarksville-Montgomery County maintains a strong workforce, education system, and quality of life for its citizens. Since these studies, significant progress has happened in the development of the Clarksville economy—particularly regarding record levels of corporate investment, job creation, and investment in education. But many of the findings that led to the strategies suggested remain true today. Some of these (as taken from these earlier reports) include: Strengths • Fort Campbell • Geographic location near Nashville, Interstate 24 and within a six hour drive of four major cities • Austin Peay State University • Small-town feel with a good quality of life • Great place to raise a family • Consolidated city and county public school system • A growing and diverse population • Cumberland River and the new riverfront development 3 A Labor Market Assessment for the Fort Campbell Region. Austin, Texas: TIP Strategies. 2013. 78 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

• Numerous golf courses in the area • Local attractions such as Customs House Museum, historic Collinsville, and the Beachaven Winery • Leadership in the community • Affordable land and labor Weaknesses • Lack of identity and long-term vision for the future • Infrastructure has not kept up with rapid growth • Lack of master plan for development • Need for more involvement in leadership roles by younger residents • Lack of consolidated government • Need for more amenities for residents such as parks, trails, cultural events, higher-end retail stores and non-chain restaurants • Under-utilization of Cumberland River area • Challenge to fund new schools due to rapid growth Recommendations • Creation of a long-term vision and master plan for development, particularly with regard to infrastructure improvements • Consolidation of city and county governments • More involvement of younger residents in leadership roles and economic development activities • Stronger partnership with Austin Peay State University • Continued development of the riverfront area and marina • Establishment of more amenities for residents such as parks, trails, cultural events, higher-end retail stores and non-chain restaurants Recommendations 79

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