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CONCLUSION The greater

CONCLUSION The greater Clarksville region is a place young families choose to live with an increasing number of millennials settling in to this rapidly growing region in middle Tennessee. The area has benefitted from strong population and job growth and significant corporate investment. With 3,000 businesses around Montgomery County and growing rapidly, it is critical the conversation around workforce continues. This could be realized by building on partnerships between government, education, business, and industry. To achieve success, business and industry need to lead the discussion and be more involved in education at ground level. Despite the rapid growth in population and the number of jobs, income and education levels are lower than in nearby regions. On a positive note, the share of working age population in the labor force is significantly higher than the national average and the median age, at 29, is quite low (the median age for the state and nation is 38). This bodes well for labor force growth and skills improvements. The younger age cohorts are more likely to take on additional skills training, but these are also the age cohorts with the highest job turnover. Turnover raises concerns for business and industry as they struggle to find skilled workers, particularly for entry-level positions. Manufacturers cited competition in the market for workers and lack of soft skills as the largest contributing factors in their difficulties to find the workers they need. Registered nurses, teachers, and managers are the occupations with great potential (most abundant, high wage, and projected high growth) over the next five years. Clarksville and Montgomery County are a hotbed for teachers as higher education institutions strive to fill the education gaps. A source of filling such in-demand jobs are the roughly 400 military personnel exiting Fort Campbell each month that the region has been struggling to tap into and identify with. The military experience or capabilities that translate into the civilian workforce these individuals possess (sometimes with some additional education and training needed) include management skills, health care, truck drivers, technicians, and mechanics. However, training institutions are already having a difficult time keeping up with demand from business for these positions, let alone the influx of exiting military needs. The solution is more complex. Exiting military may have different expectations for work than area businesses may provide—both in compensation and the civilian workplace style. In addition, the projected growth is such that stakeholders will need to strategically plan their next steps to stay aligned with current business and industry needs and partner with education and training institutions all while keeping future growth opportunities at the forefront. There are a multitude of opportunities for additional growth through expansion of regional industry supply chains, as examined in this report. Furthermore, important existing industries may need attention such as metal manufacturing, nonmetallic manufacturing, textile product mills, and nursing care facilities. While other emerging industries will require support from educators, workforce and 80 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

economic development professionals to help them prosper as well. These emerging industries include distribution and electronic commerce, truck transportation, merchant wholesalers, and professional services. Conclusion 81

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