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• EXCELLENT SCHOOLS • Diversity • Better Roads • behind the times • A great place to live and work. 11) Is there any one thing, such as automation, that could change your future hiring / employee skill needs? • Automation • CDL Training leading to licensure • good work ethic • GPS equipment Allow high school kids to work part time in the summer on construction jobs, with proper supervision. • If money was no object and we could automate some of our process it would decrease the number of FTE’s needed and decrease risk of work related injuries. • Mind-sets • RECESSION • Robotics • Technical training • We are fortunate to have a good employee base. However, our community needs to provide better for it’s citizens to keep attracting more people. We do not have a good plan to do that. • we need more entry level laborers • Yes, more automated manufacturing means a need for different skills • Yes, self service automation for end users. Could change the type of services we offer. Easier services accomplished by end user, more complex tasks require our employees. 12) What are Clarksville-Montgomery County’s strengths regarding business and economic development? • Centralized location, interstate 24, Fort Campbell • Great if you’re selling cars. Other than that.... • I think they do a great job in that area • Local government support of new and expanding industry, recognition of need to connect exiting military veterans with employers, availability of utilities needed. • LOCATION • Lots of room out in the county for development • Low cost of living, good quality of life, large spaces available, good organizations able to attract new businesses. • Military being here • not sure • Our retired military population and a good EDC. We have invested in the industrial park and it has paid huge dividends. • Proximity to I-24. Incentive packages for new business. Strong Chamber and EDC. Proximity to a major airport. 88 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

• Seems like a good effort to recruit businesses to Clarksville-Montgomery County and continue our growth as a community. • Small town feel, but big enough • Strong support from local and state governments, strong support from TVA • Tax break incentives interstate proximity great school systems • Tax credits and help with new equipment costs for new companies and existing large companies for adding employees. • tourism • Very good area for support from State and Local Governments for companies. Location is central and good logistically for many business purposes. Diverse population that draws from military and local secondary and tech schools. 13) What are Clarksville-Montgomery County’s weaknesses regarding business and economic development? • Development that is predominantly focused on Exit 4. No real development on Exit 11. Wilma Rudolph has become a traffic nightmare and the street side signs are not aesthetically appealing. • horrible traffic congestion on main roads • I don’t know of any • investment in downtown • Labor shortage. Our unemployment rate has gone from 12% in 2012 to 3%. Keeping people working - a segment does not need to work. Competing with all the influx of new business and industry is becoming more and more difficult. • Lack of infrastructure- need better internet and better roads • Local Politics • Low unemployment, making availability of qualified workers very weak. Infrastructure, including schools, are not keeping up with need. Reluctance of local elected officials to be progressive when it comes to consolidated government and entertainment venues. • NO METRO GOV’T • Not a lot for small companies. • Not enough technical schools to produce trained multi-craft maintenance candidates. • not sure • Only developing one section of town. People would like to have activities/restaurants in places other than exit 4. Put some stuff between New Providence and post. Also, diversity in selection of types of businesses is lacking. • Our roads suck and we do not have a master plan to handle traffic. You can drive around during peak periods, and see traffic problems every where. We do not have a large convention center or event center and this is embarrassing. • Proximity to Nashville, poor road network once off the I24 corridor • roads • Sometimes it’s hard to get an answer regarding city/county services; the “that’s not our department” response is frustrating. • Traffic, downtown without attractions, not enough retail shops and restaurant. Conclusion 89

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