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14) What services or

14) What services or activities does Clarksville-Montgomery County provide that are most helpful to your business (or business in general)? • bringing in new companies • Building Permit Data • Business After Hours • Chamber of Commerce • EDC • EDC/Chamber • Emergency and law enforcement • FIRE PROTECTION • Industrial Park • Low taxes and cost of housing • Misc. Resources • parks • post-HS education • roads • School system • Support for utilities • Tax incentives • taxes • tourism • tournaments • UTILITIES • workforce drug training • Workforce Essential • workforce essentials • Workforce Essentials 15) What services or activities are missing that Clarksville-Montgomery County should provide to help your business (or business in general)? • An Event Center • Attractions • Availability of natural gas on the southwest side of the Cumberland River • Better bus schedules • Better bus system with more locations and expanded hours • Better Roads • Entertainment Venues • Hospital imrovement/better reputation • Internet access in industrial park • like exit 1, too many businesses • Mass transportation improvement to industrial park • no incentives for growing. • Regular continuous city bus schedules through the Industrial Park 90 COMPREHENSIVE LABOR ANALYSIS: CLARKSVILLE-MONTGOMERY COUNTY

• some bad areas of congestion • Sponsorship of manufacturing alliances • Teen activities 16) Are employee commute times a concern? 38+62+G 38.1% Yes 61.9% No 17) How long is your commute to work? Responses ranged from 10 minutes to 45 minutes, with an average of 20 minutes across all responses. Conclusion 91

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