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Editorial 1 Dear

Editorial 1 Dear colleagues, It is a great honour and privilege to assume the presidency of the EFMC as of January 2018. I am very grateful to the EFMC Council members and to the Executive Committee for their trust and support, and for the opportunity to serve our extended community. Thank you. With you, I want to build on what has been achieved to date and further develop EFMC’s influence, ensuring that our Federation adapts to its changing environment and best represents all aspects of our community. As time passes, the definition of medicinal chemistry evolves: Medicinal chemists are no longer expected to just provide innovative drug candidates, but also to develop tools to facilitate the study of cellular pathways and the evaluation of novel clinical candidates. These are high expectations, which led our community to foray beyond its original core competences in drug optimization, into the areas of chemical biology and molecular imaging. In parallel, the fundamental principles of our discipline evolve, as well as the way we communicate, present and teach it. None of this could be achieved without a high scientific level, which the EFMC will continue supporting through the organization of courses and congresses, including cutting-edge science and novel technological developments. With your help, I want to ensure close contacts and mutually supportive interactions between national organizations and the EFMC. Finally, I will support the implementation of an expanded communication strategy, including the use of social media, to better reach our extended community and main stakeholders. It is with great appreciation that I acknowledge Prof. Koen Augustyns for three remarkable years under his presidency. Koen has not only guaranteed the good functioning of the EFMC, which as such is already a significant achievement, but also developed its international network and influence. Over the last three years, EFMC has signed agreements with medicinal chemistry associations in Brazil, South Africa, India, and most recently with the Chinese Pharmacological Association. This materialized in enhanced interactions, shared sessions at scientific events, and the opportunity to increase the world-wide visibility of the European medicinal chemistry community. He also supported the initiation of a series of workshops at the European Parliament, in collaboration with EuCheMS, following up on the wish for EFMC to increase its influence on scientific directions and funding at European level. It has been both a great pleasure and a wonderful learning opportunity to work with him, and I look forward to continued interactions in his role as Past President. I am also looking forward to working with the team of the Executive Committee (EC), whose energy, support and valuable advice are always greatly appreciated: The EC is composed of Koen Augustyns (Past President) Anders Karlén (Secretary), Pascal George (Treasurer), Rui Moreira (EC Member), Toni Torrens (EC Member), Matt Tozer (EC Member) and Henk Timmerman (EFMC Advisor). Before providing an overview of the most important events of 2017 and of the activities planned by our Federation in 2018, I would also like to sincerely thank Miroslav Gasic, Raphaël Nudelman, Erhan Palaska and Janos Wölfling for their year-long contributions to the EFMC Council. Their successors are Ayla Balkan (Turkey), György Miklós Keseru (Hungary), Igor Opsenica (Serbia) and Eylon Yavin (Israel). Welcome. A review of 2017 Our main event was the 7 th edition of the EFMC International Symposium on Advances in Synthetic and Medicinal Chemistry (EFMC- ASMC’17), which took place in Vienna (Austria) on August 27-31 st . EFMC YEARBOOK 2018 2017

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