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POLAND 56 Polish Society

POLAND 56 Polish Society of Medicinal Chemistry NATIONAL ADHERING ORGANISATIONS Mission Founded Members Basis for mutual contacts and integration for scientists who represent different profile of their activity in the following areas of Medicinal Chemistry: Organic and Bioorganic Synthesis, Analytical Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Medicine. 2006 50 Postal address Telephone Fax E-mail Website Activities Executive Committee EFMC-Delegate Jagiellonian University Medical College, Pharmacy Faculty Medyczna 9 30-688 Kraków Poland +48 12 620 55 81; +48 12 620 55 80 +48 12 620 55 96 - Organisation of meetings where various theoretical and practical topics of drug research and development are discussed. - Participation in organisation of national and international conferences on Medicinal Chemistry. - Propagation of news and information on Medicinal Chemistry activity in the scientific society interested in Medicinal Chemistry. • 9th Polish Meeting on Medicinal Chemistry (September 13-15, 2018), Lublin, Poland Prof. Dr Andrzej BOJARSKI Prof. Dr Janina KAROLAK-WOJCIECHOWSKA Prof. Dr Katarzyna KIEC-KONONOWICZ Prof. Dr Dariusz MATOSIUK Dr Marek ZYLEWSKI Prof. Dr Katarzyna KIEC-KONONOWICZ (Jagiellonian University)

PORTUGAL Division of Medicinal Chemistry of the Portuguese Chemical Society 57 To diffuse the knowledge of Medicinal Chemistry. To foster interdisciplinary bridges between Chemistry, Biology, Medicine and Pharmacy. To encourage research among young students. To promote the interaction between medicinal chemists in academia and professionals in industry. 2007 239 Sociedade Portuguesa de Química Av. da República, 45 3° esq. 1050-187 Lisboa Portugal Mission Founded Members Postal address NATIONAL ADHERING ORGANISATIONS +351 21 793 4637 +351 21 795 2349 - Assisting and promoting regular courses in Medicinal Chemistry targeted for (undergraduated and postgraduated) students. - Organisation of short meetings and seminars on recent advances in Medicinal Chemistry. - National Meeting in Medicinal Chemistry is organised every two years. • 12th National Organic Chemistry Meeting (12ENQO) and the 5th National Medicinal Chemistry Meeting (5ENQT) (January 17-19, 2018), Coimbra, Portugal • Italian-Spanish-Portuguese Joint Meeting in Medicinal Chemistry “MedChemSicily2018” (July 17-20, 2018), Palermo, Italy Prof. Matilde MARQUES (Centro de Quimica Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico) Dr Maria M. SANTOS (University of Lisbon) Prof. Matilde MARQUES (Centro de Quimica Estrutural, Instituto Superior Técnico) PCS (Division of Medicinal Chemistry) Telephone Fax E-mail Website Activities President Secretary EFMC-Delegate NAO Secretariat

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Download MedChemWatch in PDF format - European Federation for ...
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