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Granby Living Feb2018

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TALK OF THE TOWN What do you think about the prospect of self-driving cars? MIKE POPOVITCH MARQI HEFFNER STEFAN SABBAGH AUDREY LAMPERT “I think it's a good idea. I think it'll modernize and streamline the way transportation moves on existing roads.” “It should be a good thing. It'll be amazing to see people sitting, eating and talking while on the highway, but it's a long time off. It'll be difficult at the beginning, but once they get it fully going, it'll be fine.” “I don't think it will be a good thing. Something could go wrong ... computer hacking, etc...I would be uncomfortable with it.” “I don't think they'll be able to work out the bugs — too many variables, too much randomness. I wouldn't feel comfortable getting into a car without a driver.” Is Myopolis Changing the Face of Social Media? JANE, A LEADER, NOT A FOLLOWER Download the free app in Google Play and the App Store In the wake of frustration that many people have with social media, Myopolis could be changing the face of social media. A well-publicized study released last April (Harvard Business Review April 10, 2017) concluded that depression may be linked to social media usage. According to a recent article from CNBC, Facebook admitted usage could be bad for you. The harm stems from reading posts versus interacting with others, which can positively impact your mood. Anyone who used social media during the last election can attest to the tiring intensity of the political posts. It becomes very uncomfortable when you face the choice of either “unfriending” your relatives and co-workers or building frustration by reading their divisive opinions. Myopolis cracked that code by adding filters to each topic. This allows you to keep your family and co-workers while dumping their politics (or cat videos for that matter). There are twenty-some filters, including topics such as sports, news, fashion, real estate, and so forth. Additionally, Myopolis gives local influencers a powerful platform by ranking the top leaders in each of the categories. The category leaders can increase their influence beyond their own towns and into the state and national levels. The map view allows users to see Pings (posts) from their own Private Citizens (friends) and the people who they have Citizenships with (people they follow). If you’ve ever wanted to be known as the leader in sports, fashion, real estate or news, now’s your chance. Myopolis is a unique and useful social media platform that restores the peace and creates an environment where you’re in control of what you see and read. 8 GRANBY LIVING

EXPERT CONTRIBUTOR Contemplating divorce? Consider divorce by mediation BY REBECCA OLESEN A divorce is a difficult time in anyone’s life, but the victims of divorce are the children. When parents fight, the children suffer. When parents decide to work with a divorce mediator, they are more able to reach an agreement about the issues of the divorce, conflict is eliminated, and the parties can work together to help the children through this emotional crisis. The divorce does not end the marital relationship if there are children. The parties still need to work together for the benefit of the children long after the divorce is finalized. Birthdays, holidays, vacation time, school activities, teacher conferences, graduations, medical issues, weddings — all this needs to be coordinated between the parents. Issues and events with grandchildren extend contact even further. Doing this becomes extremely difficult if the divorce has been contested. A contested divorce leaves scars that are difficult to heal. Benefits of Divorce Mediation • Reduce the costs of divorce and lawyers' fees • Benefit the children who are the victims of divorce • Expedite the process and reduce court appearances • Eliminate as much animosity as possible • Create a fair agreement If the parties are not willing to compromise — if they want to fight or be unreasonable — mediation may not be the way. If the parties want to work together for the children and themselves, and if they want to save money, expedite the process and remain partners in raising the children, then mediation is a better way to end a marriage. It will benefit you and your family. A Certified Divorce Mediator Will: • Explain the divorce process • Prepare all court paperwork • File documents with the court • Identify issues • Help you reach a comprehensive divorce agreement Divorce mediation is also the best way for couples without children who have issues that can be worked out without an extended court battle. Rebecca Olesen is a Certified Mediator specializing in Divorce Mediation, Estate Planning and Will Preparation. She operates The Guidance Office in Enfield, CT. 860-305-9400 $7.00 OFF REGAL ® SELECT Paint and Primer in One BEMAN TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 20 Hartford Ave., Granby CT (860) 653-2598 Coupon valid for $7.00 off retailer’s suggested retail price per gallon of up to 5 gallons of REGAL ® SELECT. Redeemable only at participating retailers. Must present this original coupon to redeem – no copies will be allowed. Limit one per customer. Products may vary from store to store. Subject to availability. Retailer reserves the right cancel this offer at any time without notice. Cannot be combined with any other offers. Coupon expires 2/28/18. Hunting • Fishing • Firearms Propane Refills Veteran Owned Family Business 860.413.9401 24/7 Live Bait - Full Line of Fishing Supplies 335 Salmon Brook St. Granby CT PISTOL PERMIT CLASSES Private & Group Instruction Available Call for Schedule New & Used Firearms for Sale FEBRUARY 2018 9

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