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Marketing Launch

Marketing Launch Strategy Consumer Launch -Do a social media Blitz on all platforms -Use several scripted cut and paste info/video media pieces, asking friends in the different platforms all send to everyone in there circle asking them to do the same. -Ask them to comment, like and share our direct media post. Owner Launch -Reach out to local businesses in the areas, referrals given by immediate circle. -Reach out to Churches, Black organizations/groups -Use businesses directories and contact we have collected -Owners will be sent via email, social media, text a digital presentation with directions to the website -Identify individuals with large circles of influence and sell them on the passion of what we are doing Main

Launch Strategy Marketing Strategy - Our marketing strategy is an explanation of the goals we need to achieve with our marketing efforts. our marketing strategy is shaped by our business goals. Our business goals and our marketing should go hand in hand Marketing Main

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