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Owner Focus Placement

Owner Focus Placement (Distribution) “What you say” “How you say” “When you say” 3 Delivering the agreed upon “Product or Service”(What) Offer “Competitive” and “Fair” pricing (What) “With a good attitude” Be “Professional” in “Appearance” (How) Provide service/product in the allotted/agreed upon “Time Frame” (When Mission & Vision Core Values Trust Belief Integrity, guarantee, the promise Vision ) Provide a “Professional” environment Vision The ultimate opportunity to support and empower the African American community. “Communicate” effectively (How) Be “Accessible” (How) “Guarantee” product/service make good on what was promised (What) Marketing Mission Statement The Power Market Place where Consumers and Black owned businesses reconnect if unable to provide agreed upon service or product will offer a “Fair Resolution” (What) Main

Our primary focus with our Owner’s is get them to deliver on their promises “With a great attitude” “What they say they are going to do” Owner Commitment “How they say they are going to do it” Quality Assurance “When they say they are going to do it” Main

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