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Plan Within Organization

Plan Within Organization To Doe Outside Organization Helpful for our objectives Strengths Powerful Aspirational Resonate Help Solve Deeply Seeded problem Lean Operation-Can Turn Quickly Target Market Affluence, High End Consumerism Underserved Niche Target Population Potential to Disrupt black spending Helpful for our objectives Opportunities Trillion Dollar spending in black community Market is ripe-Buy Black Movement is everywhere Promote Celebrities businesses Create Prototype-Can translate to a continually diverse demographic Viral-Advertising Potential Drive Business, Finance, Education, etc. Harmful for our objectives Weaknesses Lack future cutting edge technologies Potential System Overload-Decreased Need Technology Geek (Quality Expertise) Funding Potential for Large unknown Costs Target Market could be slow to come onboard Helpful for our objectives Threats White majority become hostile to community Will draw fire from competitors Groups may try to usurp/coop ideas BOB’s may not follow system Blacks take advantage of guarantees

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