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February 7, 2018 (Council/Committee)


AD-HOC WELLNESS AND POOL RECREATIONAL COMMITTEE POOLCOMPLEXINPS@GMAIL.COM WWW.PSCOMPLEX.COM Financials Won't a wellness and pool complex cost a lot of money? Yes, in 2010, a facility approximately 15,500 sq feet was estimated to cost around $7.5 million. How will the operating costs be paid for? From the 2010 studies, based on the anticipated membership and operating budgets of comparable YMCAs, an on-going operating deficit in the order of $250,000-$260,000 was anticipated and an ongoing annual municipal subsidy would be required to support the facility. However, there are numerous other ways to reduce the operating subsidy. As well, formulas do exist which fairly share the operating deficit by the seven municipalities similar to the successful WPSHC project. In 2010, the Cost Per Person was estimated to be $13.10 per person per year/$1.10 per person per month. Read more here Aren't there more important financial needs in the Parry Sound (e.g., housing, transportation, etc..)? Maybe, yes? Again, this is about having all the municipalities at the same table, investigating and determining the feasibility of a complex. Wasn't there a pool fund before? Yes, in 2010 some of that funding was used to support the feasibility study completed at the time. There is a small amount of funding remaining (~$45,000), held in an account with the Town of Parry Sound. Interest? Need? We have Georgian Bay, why do we need a wellness and pool complex? While Georgian Bay is a special place on earth, it really is only accessible for a short amount of time in the year, and to a limited user group. Aren't there already pools in the area? Yes, there are three small pools, associated with hotels. Who says we need a wellness and pool complex? In 2010, a telephone survey was conducted in all 7 municipalities. Of the 272 respondents, 83% felt they would most like to have a swimming pool. This rose to 91% for households with children. 96% if the respondents who would use an indoor pool feel a new facility is required to meet the recreational needs of the West Parry Sound area. A Swimming pool is the number 1 desired activity, 72.4% as the top choice. 81% expressed an interest in using a new pool and of those 91% would use an indoor pool on a daily or weekly basis. The strong majority of respondents - 85% - feel that the municipalities should financially support a new indoor pool facility. 75% of the respondents would be willing to pay for new or improved facilities/services through user fees. Read the full report here. 7 | P a g e

AD-HOC WELLNESS AND POOL RECREATIONAL COMMITTEE POOLCOMPLEXINPS@GMAIL.COM WWW.PSCOMPLEX.COM What about First Nation Communities? If a Recreational Complex Advisory Committee is formed by municipal representatives, it will be important to have representation from area First Nations. Community and Band members are encouraged to write a letter to your Chief and Council, indicating your support for participating on such a committee, if formed after the municipal elections. Location of a complex Has a location been selected? No, during the 2010, lots of possible locations were discussed. A "location" would be part of the discussion/investigation of the Recreational Complex Advisory Committee, if one is established. Is there space for a pool at the K12 School? No, there is no designated space at the new K-12 NNDSB for a pool, nor is there any available funding from the School Board. There is land adjacent to the school, which would need to be purchased. On January 23, 2018, The Near North District School Board provided copies to Pool Complex in Parry Sound of their NNDSB letters that were sent to all seven municipalities, inviting the municipalities to a conversation about a pool, in regards to the new K12 school. However, in a conversation on Jan 23rd with NNDSB, it was re-confirmed that there is NO SPACE at the designated property. Quote: “Our position has not changed in the pool will not be on school site. However, if there was interest and if a decision was made to locate pool nearby, then some design features such as accessibility to and from the school's area would make sense” 8 | P a g e