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Municipality of McDougall Nobel - Large Municipal Residential Drinking – Water System Summary Report (2017) 1 General This Summary Report is prepared in accordance with the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA) and Ontario Regulation 170/03 (as amended) Schedule 22 –“Summary Reports for Municipalities”. This Report covers the period from January 1 st , 2017 to December 31 st , 2017. This Report has been prepared prior to the regulated deadline date of March 31 st , 2018. This Report is to be kept for at least five years. 2 System Descriptions The current drinking water system can be described as follows: A stand alone re-chlorination system boosting residual chlorine levels of the water distributed to the community of McDougall, from the existing North Sector Water Tower, located on the east side of Parry Sound Drive, approximately 220m north of Nobel Road, as follows: • A building having dimensions 2.4m x 2.6m attached to the base of the elevated water tower, including: • Two chemical metering pumps (one duty one stand-by) each rated at 1.66 L/hr at 828 kPa; • One 200 L sodium hypochlorite storage tank; • Continuous free chlorine residual analyzer; and • An alarm system complete with a SCADA system. Municipal Drinking Water License # 263-101, Issue Number: 02, issued on April 11 th 2016. Drinking Water Works Permit # 263-201, Issue Number: 02, issued on April 11 th , 2016. McDougall Nobel Distribution System Summary Report 2017 2 of 4

3 List of Adverse Water Quality Incidents (AWQI) in 2017 AWQI # None Incident Date Parameter Result Unit of Measure Corrective Action Corrective Action Date Summary of Incidents It can be seen that there were no incidents over the course of the year 2017 which triggered Adverse Water Quality Incidents (AWQI). There was an inspection by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) on December 13 th , 2016. Scott Hanselman conducted the inspection and gave the system a 91.06% Final Inspection Rating, with an Inspection Risk Rating of 8.94%. There was one non-compliance with regulatory requirements found, and one recommended action. Environmental staff did take appropriate action to resolve these in a timely manner. For a more detailed account of the inspection please request a copy of the MOE “McDougall Nobel Distribution System Inspection Report” dated December 13/2016. 4 Annual Water Production / Delivery Information The McDougall, Nobel System Operators monitor flows and trends in the system via the SCADA system, which is also backed up by a daily log sheet filled out by the operators. The 2017 values for the McDougall Nobel Water Distribution System are as follows: Month Monthly avg. daily flow m3 Maximum daily flow m3 Instantaneous peak flow rates L/second Jan 216 235 6.1 Feb 217 242 10.5 March 224 253 33.3 April 236 259 25.1 May 280 488 62.5 June 287 408 80.2 July 274 342 22.7 Aug 276 366 38.8 Sep 263 327 42.7 Oct 278 493 65.5 Nov 249 424 43.1 Dec 244 270 13.2 Peak 287 493 80.2 McDougall Nobel Distribution System Summary Report 2017 3 of 4