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February 7, 2018 (Council/Committee)

4 Annual Water

4 Annual Water Production / Delivery Information (con’t) Total Flow for 2017 Average Monthly Flow Average Daily Flow 92,708 m3 7,726 m3 254 m3 Our current Distribution system was designed to allow for future and current demands. Our current usage vs. design is as follows: 2017 Average Day Demand = 254 m3/day = 33 % of design Design Average Day Demand = 763 m3/day 2017 Maximum Day Demand =493 m3/day = 26 % of design Design Maximum Day Demand =1,908 m3/day 2017 Fire Flow Demand (Peak) =80.2 L/s = 103 % of design Design Fire Flow Demand =78 L/s (for 2 hours) Therefore the system operated above the design criteria set out in the Nobel Water Distribution System Design Brief dated Dec. 14 th , 2006 by Abacus Engineering and Planning Services Inc. Based on these numbers the system should not require capacity expansion in the near future. It should also be noted that the Fire Flow Demand for 2017 is a Peak number and that we did not run the system at this flow for two hours. Based upon this peak and sustained high flows during our flushing routine we determined that we meet the Design Fire Flow Demand. We anticipate few problems in 2018 and look forward to monitoring the system’s performance. McDougall Nobel Distribution System Summary Report 2017 4 of 4

Drinking-Water Systems Regulation O. Reg. 170/03 ANNUAL REPORT Drinking-Water System Number: 260079131 Drinking-Water System Name: McDougall Nobel Distribution System Drinking-Water System Owner: The Corporation of the Municipality of McDougall Drinking-Water System Category: "Large Municipal Residential" Drinking Water System Period being reported: January 1, 2017 to December 31, 2017 Complete if your Category is Large Municipal Residential or Small Municipal Residential Does your Drinking-Water System serve more than 10,000 people? Yes [ ] No [X ] Is your annual report available to the public at no charge on a web site on the Internet? Yes [ X ] No [ ] Location where Summary Report required under O. Reg. 170/03 Schedule 22 will be available for inspection. Municipality of McDougall Municipal Administration Office 5 Barager Blvd, McDougall, ON P2A 2W9 Phone (705) 342-5252 Complete for all other Categories. Number of Designated Facilities served: 1 (Nobel School) Did you provide a copy of your annual report to all Designated Facilities you serve? Yes [ X ] No [ ] none Number of Interested Authorities you report to: n/a Did you provide a copy of your annual report to all Interested Authorities you report to for each Designated Facility? Yes [ X ] No [ ] None List all Drinking-Water Systems (if any), which receive all of their drinking water from your system: Drinking Water System Name Drinking Water System Number none Did you provide a copy of your annual report to all Drinking-Water System owners that are connected to you and to whom you provide all of its drinking water? Yes [ ] No [ ] n/a Indicate how you notified system users that your annual report is available, and is free of charge. [ X ] Public access/notice via the web [ ] Public access/notice via Government Office [ X ] Public access/notice via a newspaper [ ] Public access/notice via Public Request [ ] Public access/notice via a Public Library [ ] Public access/notice via other method _______________________________________ Drinking Water Systems Regulations (PIBS 4435e01) , Prepared on January 12, 2017 Page 1 of 4