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February 7, 2018 (Council/Committee)

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To: Meeting Date: Location: Members of the Community Policing Advisory Committee West Parry Sound Ontario Provincial Police 25-Jan - 7:00 p.m. Ministry of Natural Resources Boardroom, 7 Bay Street, Parry Sound, Ontario AGENDA 1. Attendance Present Absent CPAC Member Grant Walker – Archipelago Township Terry Gilbert - Carling Township Mike Kekkonen – McKellar Township X Bonnie Keith – Town of Parry Sound X Joe McEwen – Municipality of Whitestone Wayne McQuabbie – Henvey Inlet First Nation X Lynne Gregory – McDougall Township Rod Osborne – Seguin Township Al O’Brien – Byng Inlet/Britt S/Sgt. Mike Gordon – Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Jeremy McDonald – Ontario Provincial Police Karen Virgo – Ontario Provincial Police 2. Welcome and Introductions – S/Sgt. Mike Gordon 3. Minutes of 18-Oct-2017 meeting Moved by: Seconded by: Resolved That: The Minutes of the Community Policing Advisory Committee meeting held on the 18-Oct-2017 be approved as presented 4. Business Arising From Minutes/Questions 5. Reports: a. 2017 Q4 Detachment Accountability Report: CPAC member comments/questions b. 2017 Q4 Municipal Narratives. S/Sgt Gordon – Sgt.McDonald c. 2017 Q4 Focused patrol / Community Mobilization Plan’s. S/Sgt.Gordon 6. New Business: a. CPAC Members Comments b. CPAC membership – discussion/vote on same (depending on number of member’s present) c. Staffing Report d. Digital Field Triage Kiosk e. Year end Performance Stat’s 7. Correspondence 8. Other Matters 9. 2018 meeting dates: 19 Apr, 19 July, 18 Oct. @ 1900hrs 1

To: Members of the Community Policing Advisory Committee Meeting Date: 19 October 2017 Meeting Time: 7:00 p.m. Location: West Parry Sound OPP Detachment – 7 Bay Street, Parry Sound MINUTES PRESENT WERE: Al O/Brien Mike Kekkonen Bonnie Keith Joe McEwen S/Sgt M. Gordon Sgt R. Mackay Karen Virgo Byng Inlet/Britt Township of McKellar Town of Parry Sound Municipality of Whitestone Ontario Provincial Police Ontario Provincial Police Ontario Provincial Police ABSENT WERE: Rod Osborne Township of Seguin Lynne Gregory Municipality of McDougall Grant Walker Township of the Archipelago Terry Gilbert Township of Carling Wayne McQuabbie Henvey Inlet First Nation GUESTS: None The meeting was called to order at 7:03 p.m. WELCOME S/Sgt M. Gordon welcomed the members to the meeting. MINUTES The meeting package, including draft Minutes and reports, was forwarded to CPAC members by e-mail prior to the meeting. a) Questions were raised regarding the municipal billing process. Clarification will be provided at the next meeting of the CPAC Committee. b) The OPP self-reporting program is a computer generated reporting system for minor, non-urgent crimes such as thefts, property damage, etc. There is a phone located on the wall outside the detachment door for those who attend the detachment outside normal administrative hours looking to speak to an officer. The phone ensures that they are able to report an event to an actual person. c) On the fourth page, last line, the word “finding” will be changed to “funding”. 1