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February 7, 2018 (Council/Committee)


BUSINESS ARISING FROM MINUTES a) Parry Sound High School Liaison: There are plans to have an officer from each platoon appointed to participate as a high school liaison officer. The officer would act as a “contact person” for non-urgent calls from the school. Members of the crime unit and street crime unit would also be involved in this program. If there is an actual problem at the school, 911 would still be used. b) OPP Self Reporting Program: It is recognized that the OPP Self-Reporting Program is not being used effectively. There are plans to address the issues and re-introduce the program. REPORTS a) Accountability Report (01 July 2017 to 30 September 2017): S/Sgt M. Gordon presented the Accountability Report. Orphaned events are occurrences assigned to the detachment, but not specifically to a municipality, i.e: a collision with no location attached to it. Foot Patrol Challenge: Platoons took part in an internal foot patrol challenge as part of an ongoing wellness program. Members attended many community events over the quarter in an effort to log foot patrol hours. The platoon with the most hours is to receive a complementary barbecue. The member with the most hours received a Fitbit. Overall, foot patrol hours increased by 50% over 2016. b) Municipal Chart (01 July 2017 to 30 September 2017): S/Sgt M. Gordon presented the report. c) Municipal Statistics (01 July 2017 to 30 September 2017): S/Sgt M. Gordon reported on the first quarter municipal statistics. Municipality of Whitestone: There were 78 calls for service over the quarter. One RIDE event was held resulting in one impaired charge being laid. 911 calls have seen an overall increase across the region, which can occur over the summer months. Town of Parry Sound: The Town of Parry Sound had 1,224 calls for service. Although violent crimes and assaults were down, sexual assaults and criminal harassment calls were up. Four persons were charged with break and enter and arson. This matter is still before the courts. A home invasion incident was related to drugs. One of the occupants of the home was charged and the drugs seized. There were 79 motor vehicle collisions, none that resulted in life threatening injuries. 2

Thirty two RIDE programs were conducted resulting in one over 80, one refuse to provide breath sample and two 3-day suspensions. There were 35-911 calls and 13 false alarms received over the quarter. Accidents in parking lots (71 over the quarter) and thefts of motor vehicles are becoming more common. There is a need to promote awareness of these crimes to the public through education and focused patrols in an effort to reduce these numbers. Most thefts from motor vehicles involve unlocked cars and are usually “crimes of opportunity” where they can do ten cars quickly rather than one here or there. An officer has been assigned to perform the duties of community street crime enforcement. This position will address street level drugs and property crime matters. A presentation on this program can be presented to the CPAC Committee if requested. Village of Britt/Byng Inlet: There were 34 for service. Although there are no “set” number of patrols that are required, members attempt to conduct them whenever possible. Discussions have been held with MTO to discuss the lights at the one lane construction area. It may be possible that they road will be back to two lanes for the winter. Township of McKellar: There were 109 calls for service, 55 of which are on the billing summary. There were twelve 911 calls (ten that were misdials) and 2 false alarms. As a result of 17 RIDE programs conducted over the quarter, there were 18 screening device tests conducted, and one charge of blood alcohol level above zero laid. A meeting was held with the Lake Manitowaubing Association, with the OPP, MNR and By-law in attendance. Concerns were expressed regarding signage, speeding, environmental impacts, etc, on this very busy lake. It has been established that if a vessel is creating a wake, it’s travelling over the set shore speed limits. A boating licence is not required if the vessel is rented. There have been eleven patrols of the lake conducted by the SAVE Team and OPP Marine Unit. The OPP is contacted for bear calls where there is an immediate threat to persons or property. These calls are billable to the municipality. MNR bear technicians are contacted if the call is a non-emergency. 3