7 months ago

February 7, 2018 (Council/Committee)


FOCUSED PATROLS a) High School Liaison Program: This is a new initiative that will see a member from each shift assigned to act as a liaison officer at the high school. Parents will be educated on concerns related to drug use and planned enforcement to deal with issues. Twentytwo officers over eighteen dates were involved in “before and after” school patrols. Coupons for free slushies were handed out to younger students as part of the patrol. There have been three ATV collisions reported over the past three weeks. It is difficult to enforce ATVs since there is not a high volume and they are usually used only as a vehicle to get from one spot to another. Education on ATV use is important, with an emphasis on ensuring that operators ride within their skill level. CPAC MEMBER COMMENTS Bonnie Keith – Town of Parry Sound: a) Winter Bikes: Enforcement involves stopping them if there is a traffic violation. b) If people are walking on the road because of difficulty with the sidewalks, officers will focus on the safety concerns of all involved. c) Santa Clause Parade: If available, it would be appreciated if officers could take part in the annual Santa Clause Parade. Al O’Brien – Britt-Byng Inlet: There are no complaints. If officers are available it would be appreciated if someone could attend the Christmas Parade. Joe McEwen – Municipality of Whitestone: There are no concerns at the Municipality of Whitestone. It is appreciated that drug matters at the high school level are being addressed. Mike Kekkonen – Township of McKellar: Trespass notices can be issued in writing or verbally. Both are equally enforceable. If there is a conflict with neighbours, police can be contacted for a keep the peace call. NEW BUSINESS a) Canadian Mental Health Program: All platoons have had a presentation from the Canadian Mental Health Program, outlining the procedures to activate their services. b) Provincial Victim Response Program: As a result of an article in the Globe and Mail, the province recently reviewed 5,000 ‘unfounded” sexual assault incidents from 2010. To qualify as unfounded, it must be investigated and determined that no laws were broken. After the review, twelve occurrences were re-opened, reinvestigated and charges laid. The study emphasised the need to improve response, training, data, investigation and victim support. A new regional position has been created to manage and review matters related to sexual assaults. Detectives will motor the program and 4

officers will have the ability to lay charges. Updates on this program will be provided when available. c) OPP Action Plan: Copies of the action plan have been provided to members. There are three main Regional goals addresses in the action plan: victims of sexual assault, impaired driving and aggressive driving. Copies will also be provided to municipalities. CORRESPONDENCE None OTHER MATTERS a) Staffing Report: Two new recruits are expected in September. There are currently two officers off with injuries. The Crime Unit is offering temporary rotations in the scenes of crime area. b) CPAC Representation for Britt/Byng Inlet and Henvey First Nation: A letter received at the detachment has identified that representation on the CPAC committee does not include members from an unorganized municipality. This would include both Britt/Byng Inlet and Henvey First Nation. It is the responsibility of the Committee to decide if a person from each municipality can attend the meeting as a “guest”. B. Keith advised that since no quorum is available at this meeting, members should be advised of the situation and the matter be brought back to the next meeting. Being no further business the meeting was adjourned. NEXT MEETING The next meeting of the CPAC will be on 25 January 2018 commencing at 7:00 p.m. ADJOURNMENT The meeting adjourned at 9:15 p.m. 5