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Competition Market: Past

Competition Market: Past Consumers didn’t have the knowledge they have now because of the internet Did not shop on line as much Didn’t do a lot of research Current Savvy consumers § The internet is a information highway giving consumers the opportunity to search and compare before they buy § Social conscience consumers - Social media is reminding consumers on a daily basis of the injustices in our country § Review changes in market share, leadership, players, market shifts, costs, pricing, and competition § Buy online Future Retailers are shifting a lot of their storefronts to Marketing online market. Online buying will increase Competitor A (Online Social Conscience Network) Spendefy, Buy Black, Black Enterprise Competitors’ strengths -Established, name recognition Competitors’ weaknesses -Has not identified that there is a trust issues, -Don’t have lot of businesses -Are not driving enough people to the sites Competitor B (Review systems) (Angie’s List and Home Advisor) Competitors’ strengths -Longevity , -Large market share Competitors’ weaknesses -Don’t cater to black community, -Make it hard for service [people with a record to participate Competitor C (Business Consultants) Competitors’ strengths -Established and good at what they do Competitors’ weaknesses -Extremely expensive and they don’t target the majority of our market segment -Only open to service businesses Main

Positioning Positioning of product or service Most Socially conscience companies say buy black, just because they are black. We say buy from our owners because they are worthy of your trust. • Consumer promise Consumers get business owners that are proactively working on delivering the best product/service. They also stand behind their promise with a quality guarantee Marketing Main

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