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Operations How TMP4us

Operations How TMP4us will be managed Business Plan Our Business Goals and Plans Management Financing How we will manage our business How we will finance our business Owners Compensation Financial Strategy Organizational Chart Legal How we will structure our business Establish our LLC Main

Business Plan PGNWEB’s Core Mission is to be a Catalyst for Black Businesses that Connects People, Generates Business and Redirects Spending into the Black Community. PGNWEB Core Vision is to Completely Regenerate the Black Community Economic State through Black Business Empowerment. We want to totally shift the trust paradigm surrounding Black Businesses and redefine the narrative by building confidence in and strengthening Business/Consumer Relationships to create a true Empowerment Movement in the low and middle income Black Community. (Comfortable, Confident, Secure) PGNWEB Core Values Center around creating an Empowered Generational Ecosystem/Environment that is inspired around people that fundamentally and foundationally trust one another and are actively engaged to improve the overall quality of life in their community. Operations What is PGNWEB? Our Business is PGNWEB which offers a web based networking forum and search engine designed to drive consumers to black owned businesses. What we do: Provide an Online Black Business Search Engine. Provide a Professional Training, Resource and Consulting Program. Provide a Leadership and Mentoring Program. Provide a Consumer Review System. Main

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