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Financial Strategy

Financial Strategy PGNWEB Financials Strategy The nature the PGNWEB online business lends to a relatively small capital investment and to date we have self-funded the venture. Additionally, we intend to add layers as we grow our unit base. Operations Phase I 2000 Units (60k mtly) Social Media Manager 5k Marketing Manager 6k Owners 6k 10 Sales (Commission only) 20k Total =37k Phase II 5000 Units (150k mtly) Phase I 37k 10 Sales (Commission only) 20k Sales Manager 5k Owner increase 9k Total = 71k Phase III 15,000 Units (450k mtly) Phase II 71k 10 Sales (Commission only) 20k Web Developer 6k Owner increase 9k Total = 106k Main

Owner Compensation Operations Owner Compensation Strategy Comp paid thru owners expense account Phase I 2000 Units (30k per month) $2000 each mtly Phase II 5000 Units (150k per month) $5000 each mtly Phase III 15,000 Units (450k per month) $8000 each mtly Phase IV 50,000 Units (1.5m per month) See Profit Sharing Bonus Owner Profit Sharing Bonus Once we Reach 50,000 units 18 million annual Each owner would share profits after the following Employee Salaries 4 million Expenses 2 million Taxes 1 million 50% Invested 5 million Remaining 6 million will be dispersed accordingly Terry 38% Cheryl 32% Quinton 30% Main

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