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365 Days Of Motivation

365 daily motivational tips to get you FIRED UP!

42. “Concealing the

42. “Concealing the truth in exchange for safety is not the best path to dwell” – in desperate times, the truth demands to be sealed but doing so comes with a hefty lifelong price. 43. “With the truth within you, it is easy to become a better person than anyone else” – there’s no shame in admitting the truth. No matter how hard it may be, the truth is always the best choice to make. 44. “A transparent heart and a sincere life comes with no persuasive equal” – the driving force of influence is easily achieved through living your life with no restricting walls. 45. “The combination of kindness, honesty, transparency, and humor all work harmoniously for one common good” – no matter how big or small a group may be, it will always require key factors to keep it standing strong. 46. “The absence of transparency creates the wall of distrust and confinement of insecurity” – the actions we do and the decisions we make creates a ripple effect. 47. “When things and people are transparent, they are likely to be void of judgment and constraints” – people are less likely to think negatively of something that is purely positive. 14

48. “Transparency makes the soul easier to see” – when we live truthfully with transparency, nobody can judge us, ever. 49. “Transparency is both seen physically and mentally” – transparency coincides how we do things and how we think of them. 50. “The life we live should be as transparent as the freedom we have” – it’s pretty clear what freedom is to us. Now, it is who in turn needs to be transparent. 51. “The truth never hurts a transparent and just cause” – when we see truth, it unfolds immediately without trace of doubt. 52. “Never mistakenly take transparency for love” – love is a beautiful thing and so is transparency. What your soul shows in transparency might not be the contents of your heart for love. 53. “The peace we so long for is also transparency for all mankind” – it is when we have attained one transparency that we could have peace. 54. “Democracy is the transparency being portrayed” – like peace, transparency brings about the freedom of democracy. 55. “For anything to work, accountability and transparency must be present” – the truth is, for people to truly live harmoniously, they must first be accountable and transparent. 15

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