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365 Days Of Motivation

365 daily motivational tips to get you FIRED UP!

56. “Wisdom speaks of

56. “Wisdom speaks of many things and honesty is one of them” – the wise be not indulgent with lies but embrace the truth. Chapter 5: Cooperation and Teamwork 57. What makes the society and our civilization function is the collaboration of individual commitment. 58. To be champions people must work together to become an unbeatable team. 59. Teamwork fuels the achievement of one common vision. 60. Alone, one can only achieve so much but together greatness is next in line. 61. Then and only then can a team work as one when they have established trust. 62. Personal ambition should not overcome teamwork else it will not exist. 63. As they always say, two heads is better than one! 16

64. The beginning is coming together as one. Keeping the team intact is progress and working as one is already success. 65. Success won’t be ahead if you work as a team but it will constantly follow. 66. The pillars of a team is every member and every individual is the team. 67. Collective intelligence is always worth more than single brilliance. 68. To make a fire, two flints is necessary and not just one. 69. Unity is the strength that a team has and that a single person can never have. 70. Teamwork is about selflessness. The more you have less regard for your own self, the team grows even stronger. 71. One team with one goal is unity and success combined. 17

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