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365 Days Of Motivation

365 daily motivational tips to get you FIRED UP!

Chapter 6: The Beauty

Chapter 6: The Beauty Of An Open Mind 72. Keeping your eyes and ears open is also being open for learning and wisdom. 73. Seeking something is looking to achieve your goal. Finding something on the other hand is discovering what is unknown. 74. An open mind cannot be withheld of education and knowledge. 75. Open your mind with the feedback of your actions whether good or bad. 76. There is no such thing as negative criticism to an open mind. 77. To persuade people you must have an open mind and listen to them first. 78. Confidence is not about having every answer to every question but rather being open to each question to be answered. 79. A fraction of your life is what naturally happens and the rest is how you react to it. 18

80. A pessimist normally complains about everything; an optimist foresee change; while open minded realists adapt to circumstances. 81. Clear your mind before jumping into a conversation. A clouded mind does not reap good results. 82. The toughest thing to do is to decide to act, the rest basically depends on open minded perseverance. 83. In every single day, it’s either you who run the game or the game runs you. 19

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