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365 Days Of Motivation

365 daily motivational tips to get you FIRED UP!

Chapter 15: Persistence

Chapter 15: Persistence is Omnipotent 189. Being intelligent and talented alone often becomes unrewarded. You need to be persistent to achieve the things that you would like to have. You need to remember that talent is supreme and nothing can ever replace it. 190. As you pursue your goals in life, you need to have a persistent attitude and a level of energy that is resolute. 191. Your continuous personal growth lies in your persistence to achieve. You can never tell when you will completely bloom as an individual. It has its own time and with persistence, you will have a greater chance of achieving your full potential. 192. Being successful doesn’t happen overnight. You need to be driven and persistent. Without these two, you can never expect to find yourself in the road towards success. 193. If you are already a persistent and driven person, you also need to make sure that these two traits do not turn you into an ignorant and stubborn person. 194. If you wish to become successful in life, you need to maintain a good level of enthusiasm even if after failing. 34

195. When faced with a difficult situation, you must never avoid it but rather confront it head on. 196. When you are trying to make a point, being subtle and clever won’t work. You have to make sure that you go directly to the point. If it does not work the first time, do it again and again. 197. Be patient like a tree that grows tremendously over time. Be persistent like the persistent growth of grass even with consistent trimming. 198. Consistently doing things to hit a goal defines your character especially when you have constantly done it for three times or more just to achieve what you want. 199. When living life, you need to keep your persistence as small fire that burns inside you. This will help you get through as you go along. 200. Life is never easy and that is why you have to keep going no matter how hard it takes. This is the only way to clear your path and move towards having a happy and contented life. 201. If you wish to always be on top of your game and be the best at what you do, then you have to act as if you are the last person on the line. This way, you will consistently do your best and always strive to become better. 35