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Nadine Nelson Resume 1

Nadine Nelson Hamden, CT Boston, MA is a career educator, chef, artist, and activist. As an expert in interactive culinary education and experiential event production, she uses food as a catalyst and platform to build community, revitalize the neighborhood, preserve our cultural heritage, and empower people to lead healthier, happier, connected and more prosperous lives. 917.719.6859 Education Educator / Chef / Artist/ Owner, Global Local Gourmet Vermont’s Table Program Sterling College, Craftsbury Common, 2005 - Present | Drawing from more than 20 years in the food, hospitality, training and education industries: VT • Operate multifaceted interactive culinary event company that specializes in experiential learning and integrated marketing intertwining food and culture to Certificate in Fundraising and Philanthropy curate culinary learning experiences. • Support, promote, and collaborate with regional farmers, food businesses, New York University, New York, NY cultural institutions, small business, and other entrepreneurial enterprises to create and promote creative hands -on food-centric cultural endeavors including Certificate in Food Styling New School, New York, NY cooking classes, culinary tours, team building events, tastings, wellness workshops, branding content, integrated marketing and customized events based on the client's needs and expectations. Certificate from Culinary Business Academy • Responsible for the overall planning, marketing, sales, promoting and budget for cooking classes and events. US Personal Chef Association • Provide leadership, training, direction and general administration of staff Masters coursework in Curriculum including customer service and chef-instructors. and Program Development and Founder and Principle, Sankofa Consulting Evaluation Tufts University, Medford, MA 1995 - 2012 | Consult in areas of curriculum development, program development B.A. in English, Teaching Certification and evaluation, professional development and training, fundraising, and event in English 9-12 planning for a variety of for-profit and non-profit organizations. Tufts University, Medford, MA