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Exploring spaces throughout the year Issue #1 Winter


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Notting Hill

Exploring Shopie’s Winter escape;

Notting Hill.


The Old Blue Last

Season magazine

Issue #1

Winter 2017/18


Exploring Toby’s Winter escape; The

Old Blue Last.


My Bedroom

Exploring Anna’s Winter escape;

My bedroom.


Tate Britain

Exploring Akshay’s Winter escape;

Tate Britan.


Rough Trade East

Exploring Johanna’s Winter Escape;

Rough Trade East.


Covent Garden

Exploring Quin’s Winter Escape;

Covent Garden.




89 days

Familiar places sometimes seem like

characters in our lives: We can treasure,

miss, and devote time and energy to them

as we would a friend or relative. In Places

of the Heart: The Psychogeography

of Everyday Life, psychologist and

neuroscientist Colin Ellard explains why

certain environments instill joy or calm

while others bore or vex us—and how our

relationships with even our most personal

spaces might soon change.

Cold surroundings and dead plants

Research suggests that our surroundings

have a serious impact on mood

and motivation. Meeting human needs in

the spaces we design is paramount. When

form follows function and function includes

visceral and emotional needs, people

flourish. Weather also has a big impact on

the phycology of space, your space you

feel most at home and comfortable in may

change depending on season or month.


of winter

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9 Season




Bare trees and misty skies

“Life is unpredictable,

It changes with the seasons,

Even your coldest winter,

Happens for the best of reasons,

And though it feels eternal,

Like all you’ll ever do is freeze,

I promise spring is coming,

And with it, brand new leaves.”

- Engelis

11 Season


Notting Hill




15 Season


Notting Hill

“Exploding with colour”



Why is Notting Hill your Winter space?

I just love Notting Hill in winter, because even

a cold, miserable day seems to be brightened

up by the colourful rows of houses and the

bustling markets. It’s a hidden summer in

winter, bright and cheery.

17 Season

Notting Hill

“Treasures to find

What is the one thing you love most

when you visit Notting Hill?

Friendliness. Everyone is just so involved with

everyone, wether you’re a regular customer or

complete stranger. The community spirit beams

just like the colours that fill the streets.

Do you prefer visiting this space alone

or with company?

I don’t really have a preference, It’s nice to get

some alone time and explore everywhere I want

to but it’s also lovely to share this amazing space

with friends for lovely day outings. From exploring

for hidden gems amongst the markets to having a

coffee and a catch up with a lovely view.

Did anyone introduce you to this space or

did you come across it yourself?

I guess it was just word of mouth and even

though the traditional thought of notting hill

is tourist central I always believe there is more

than that, It’s a home to some and a wonderful

place to visit and get lost in for others, like me.

Does Notting Hill make you feel at home?

It certainly does, being a student away from

home Notting Hill is like home to me. The

beachy colours remind me of my home town, as

I live on the coast. The friendliness also brings

thoughts of home to me as I’ve been brought up

in a close knit community.



Vintage objects in bowls

and places to explore”

19 Season

Notting Hill



21 Season

The Old Blue Last





23 Season

The Old Blue Last

“What dry January?”

Why is The Old Blue Last your winter space?

When the suns not around this is my place, I can

enjoy winter from the indoors with company

surrounding me. Winter is sometimes seen as a

lonely time of year, but for me I fill it with amazing

moments in the pub I love.

Did anyone introduce you to this space

or did you come across it yourself?

Yes! One of my closest friends was playing a

gig the first weekend I had moved to London

and I was introduced to this pub through him, I

turned up and felt welcomed to London in the

best way now I just spend my spare days here

to survive this season!

You’re in London and there is thousands

of pubs, why this one?

I’m a huge fan of music, and this pub has lots

of events and gigs which gives the space two

types of moods a chilled drink with friends or a

night out supporting my favourite bands. That

is why I’d pick this pub over any others, It’s like

my second home.


Whats your favourite Beverage for the

winter season?


I wouldn’t say I particularly have one for the

season, but when I’m at The Old Blue Last I do

love a pint of Stella. It’s also a good price to and

as a student that’s always a bonus.

Beer and beer mat

25 Season

The Old Blue Last



27 Season

My Bedroom




29 Season


My Bedroom

The sunny frosty days are most desirable from the inside



“sun, frost, rain, my space”

Natural daylight beaming to brighten my space

31 Season

My Bedroom



Why is your bedroom your winter space?

When the weather is miserable (guaranteed

through winter if you live in London) then my

bedroom is the best place to be, surrounded by

fluffy pillows and snuggling in plenty of blankets!

It’s a safe haven, enjoying the winter from indoors.

If you could pick one favourite aspect of your

bedroom what would it be?

Huge windows, and big mirrors. I’m a creative so I

especially love the natural light which helps me focus

with my work but also makes then sunny frosty days

in winter even more desirable from indoors.

33 Season

My Bedroom



35 Season

Tate BritainDepala




37 Season

Tate Britain

Why is The Tate Britain your winter space?

During Winter I find comfort being surrounded

by the creative exhibits in museums and

galleries. It brightens the dull days around

winter and keeps my own creative spirit alive in

the most miserable days of Winter.

Do you have any other favourite exhibits

you’ve seen this Winter?

There has been many at the Tate that I have

enjoyed but another exhibition I’ve seen

recently that was a great experience was ‘can

graphic design save your life’ at the Welcome

Collection, this was an extremely insightful

exhibition that really made me think about

design in different contexts.

Do you prefer exploring exhibits on your own

or with company?

Normally I like exploring this exhibitions by

myself just because then I can take everything in

and go at my own speed with no need to worry

about anyone else. But I do enjoy company now

and again depending on the exhibition.



Admiring artwork

“Brightening the dull days.”

39 Season

Tate Britain



41 Season

Rough Trade East




43 Season


Rough Trade East

“It’s easy to get

lost in the music”

Why is Rough Trade East your winter space?

I love music, when the nights are cold and winter is

surrounding me I find music and record stores the

best place to be, finding new songs and inspiration

to cheer me up through this time of year.

Favourite album of this Season?

It’s hard to pick a favourite as I love so many

artists but I’m really enjoying listening to Four Tet

at the moment, It’s getting me through Winter.



Vinyl or Cd?

I don’t think I need to answer this, but if you

haven’t noticed I’ll clarify, 100% Vinyl.

Electronic records

45 Season

Rough Trade East

How many concerts do you tend to go to

throughout Winter?

I like to go to as many as possible! I don’t really

plan, I just leave it to be quite spontaneous and if I

get time I try to squeeze lots in!

Why is music one of your biggest influnces in life?



“Surrounded by heavenly music,

a delight.”

I think it’s because I’ve always been brought up

around music and finding new artists is just a

hobbie I love doing, my love of music is an escape I

can switch off and just enjoy what I love most.

47 Season

Covent Garden





49 Season

Covent Garden

Why is Covent Garden your winter space?

It’s my favourite place to be in winter because it’s

lively, but not too crowded as it gets at the height

of tourist season in the summer. It’s nice to wander

around and feel like you’re outside enjoy the market

without worrying about the Winter weather.

“It dosen’t feel like winter here”

Favourite part of visiting Covent Garden?

I love opera and singing and anything theatrical so

one of my favourite parts of visiting Covent Garden

is the performances happening in the square, one of

my favourites is the small orchestra that performs

there quite regularly, I can just enjoy my spare time

there and listen to some amazing music they create.



Peering through the space

51 Season

Covent Garden



53 Season



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