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Newseltter February - March 2018

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February ñ March 2018


Protestant Faith Fellowship Pentecostal Church of Berlin e.V.

H¸ ttenweg 46 14195 Berlin

Tel/Fax: (030) 813 45 00 U3: Oskar Helene Heim Bus 285: Am Waldfriedhof

Our Church is solely funded by its members & donations.

Donations or payments of tithing can be made directly to:

Commerzbank IBAN: DE92 1004 0000 0611 1777 00

Pastor Frank J. Williams Jr.

Tel: (030) 746 23 50 0170/328 10 30

Music Ministry

Ingrid Arthur

Prayer Ministry

Felix Munyam 0176/316 33 014

Womení s Ministry

Sabine Gerhardt 0160/964 85 439

Teaching Ministry

Pastor Frank J. Williams Jr. 0170/328 10 30

Youth Ministry

Waria Boelcke 0176/72558148

Childrení s Ministry

Rebecca Mˆ ller 0151/11512549

Aid Project Ministry

Claudia Chalhoub, Katharina Roloff


Fabian Pompe 0171/3371977 / Sven Conrad 0163/6658910


Cornela Wuppermann

Die PFF betreut zwei Hilfsprojekte The PFF supports two aid projects

Jenny de la Torre Stiftung und Haiti Care e.V.

Mehr Infos auf unserer Webseite

More infos on our website

Acts 5: 12 The apostles performed many signs and wonders among the

people. And all the believers used to meet together in Solomoní s Colon

nade. 13 No one else dared join them, even though they were highly re

garded by the people. 14 Nevertheless, more and more men and women

believed in the Lord and were added to their number. 15 As a result, peo

ple brought the sick into the streets and laid them on beds and mats so

that at least Peterí s shadow might fall on some of them as he passed by.


Crowds gathered also from the towns around Jerusalem, bringing their sick

and those tormented by impure spirits, and all of them were healed.


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Everybody is heartily welcomed to attend the annual PFF church meeting.

This is where you get all information concerning the PFF Ministry.

Alle sind herzlich zur PFF Jahresversammlung eingeladen.

Hier erh‰ ltst du alle Informationen ¸ ber die PFF Gemeinde.







We would like to fill our quarterly published

PFF Newsletter with more content.

If you have time and feel like writing short

articles about the different PFF events

please write an e mail to Sis Cornela:

Wir mˆ chten unseren viertelj‰ hrlicherschei

nenden PFF Newsletter mit mehr Inhalten

f¸ llen.

Wer Lust und Zeit hat kurze Artikel ¸ ber die

verschiedenen PFF Veranstaltungen zu

verfassen, schreibt bitte eine E Mail an

Sis Cornela:

Our church needs committed volunteers

in the following areas:

▶ Media Ministry: operating the beamer

▶ Planning Activity Ministry (PAM):

helping to organize church events.

▶ Hospitality Ministry: setting up the

fellowship hall for the coffee & cake time

▶ Childrení s Ministry: helping the children

church and during special events.

If you are willing to support your church,

please contact Bro. James Bates

or write an email:

Unsere Gemeinde braucht engagierte

Freiwillige in folgenden Bereichen:

▶ Medien Dienst: Bedienung des Beamers

▶ PAM: Hilfe beim Organisieren der Events

▶ Hospitality: den Gemeinderaum f¸ r die

Kaffeestunde herrichten

▶ Kinder Dienst: Hilfe in der Kinderkirche

und bei besonderen Aktivit‰ ten.

Wenn Du Deine Kirche unterst¸ tzen mˆ chtest,

kontaktiere bitte Bro. James!oder schreib

eine E Mail:


PFF EVENTS FEBRUARY – MARCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


PFF Open Mic Night · Doors open at 7 pm Einlass ab 19 Uhr

Free entry! Everyone is cordially invited

Eintritt frei! Alle sind herzlich eingeladen!

Di · 13. Februar · 19:30-22 Uhr | Tue · February 13 · 7:30-10 pm

Rev. Gregory M. Kelly & the Best of Harlem Gospel !

Doní t miss this great concert! Tickets 24 € in the fellowship hall.

Verpasst nicht das grofl artige Konzert! Tickets 24 € im Gemeindesaal


PFF Annual Church Meeting · jährl. Gemeindeversammlung

This is your opportunity to find out everything about the PFF Ministry.

Das ist eure Gelegenheit alles ¸ ber die PFF Gemeinde zu erfahren.

Sa · 24. Februar · 10-12 Uhr | Sat · February 24 · 10-12 noon!

DEUTSCHE BIBELSTUNDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am 31. Januar 2018 starten wir

mit unserer neuen deutschen Bibelstunde

an jedem zweiten Mittwoch!

Good Morning, this is GOD I will be hand

ling ALL your problems today. Please

remember ... I WILL NOT NEED YOUR HELP!!!

If life happens to deliver a situation to you

that you cannot handle, do not attempt to

resolve it.

Kindly put it in the SFGTD Box (something

for God to do). It will be ad dressed in My

time, not yours. Once the matter is placed

into the box, do not hold onto it. Holding on

or removal will delay the resolution of your


If it is a situation that you think you are capa

ble of handling, please consult me in prayer

to be sure that it is the proper resolution.

◆ If you find yourself stuck in traffic, donë t

despair. There are people in this world for

whom driving is an unheard of privilege.

◆ Should you have a bad day at work, think

of the man who has been out of work for


◆ Should you despair over a relationship

gone bad, think of the person who has

never known what itë s like to love and be

loved in return.

◆ Should you grieve the passing of ano

ther weekend, think of the woman in dire

straits, working twelve hours a day, se

ven days a week to feed her children.

GOOD MORNING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

◆ Should your car break down, leaving you

miles away from assistance, think of the

paraplegic who would love the opportu

nity to take that walk.

◆ Should you notice a new gray hair in the

mirror, think of the cancer patient in che

mo who wishes she had hair to examine.

◆ Should you find yourself at a loss and

pondering what is life all about, asking

what is my purpose? Be thankful! There

are those who didnë t live long enough to

get the opportunity.

◆ Should you find yourself the victim of

other peopleë s bitterness, ignorance,

smallness or insecurities, remember

... things could be worse. You could be


◆ Because I do not sleep, nor do I slum

ber, there is no need for you to lose

any sleep. Rest, my child.

If you need to contact me,

I am only a prayer away.

Love Eternally,

The Lord your God





1.1.: Katharina Roloff

3.1.: Nils Jann, Janae Gerhardt

5.1.: Cornela Wuppermann, Philomena Metzner Rickards

10.1.: Aisha Jumper

12.1.: Steffi Mersch

13.1.: Petra Kr¸ ger, Tamia Rivera

14.1.: Jˆ rg Heinrich, Claudia Respress

15.1.: Frankie Williams

26.1.: Hannelore Parks

30.1.: Jennifer K¸ ttner


2.2.: Betty Kioko

4.2.: Chiara Laratta

5.2.: Luca Laratta

11.2.: Michaela Schlag

16.2.: Aaliyah Schwalbach

20.2.: Elke Chambers

22.2.: Elli DeJean

23.2.: Eva Glaubitz

24.2.: Gerda Acquah

25.2.: Sylvia Conrad

26.2.: Florence Munyam Awah

27.2.: Diana L¸ bke


8.3.: Naomi Mˆ ller, Tayo Onutor, Roger Parks

14.3.: Jennifer Johnson

15.3.: Kenneth Mba

17.3.: Nkiruka Violet Niemann

18.3.: Fabian Pompe

20.3.: Sven Sohr

22.3.: Jacqueline Katzwinkel Fritsche

23.3.: Ekamma Eshiet Dan

29.3.: Marina Williams

30.3: James Respress

If your birthday is missing here, please send a mail to:

Wenn Dein Geburtstag hier fehlt, schreib bitte eine Mail an:


Bible Study English & German

Wednesdays 7 pm

Every 2 nd Wednesday: Bible Study in German

Mittwochs 19 Uhr

Jeden 2. Mittwoch: deutsche Bibelstunde

PFF Music Ministry

PFF Mení s Choir: 1 st Sunday

PFF Choir: 2 nd Sunday

PFF Youth Choir: 3 rd Sunday

PFF Praise Team: 4 th Sunday

Combined Choirs: 5 th Sunday

Children Ministry & Fellowship

Sundays during Service (Except 1 st Sunday)

Childrení s Choir: during childrení s church

Sonntags w‰ hrend des Gottesdienstes

(aufl er 1. Sonntag)

Kinderchor: w‰ hrend der Kinderkirche

Prayer Meeting

Fridays 7 pm freitags 19 Uhr

Pastoral Counselling

by appointment

All news and announcements are also on Facebook: PFF Church Berlin

and on our website:


Protestant Faith Fellowship (PFF)

Pentecostal Church of Berlin e.V.

H¸ ttenweg 46 14195 Berlin

Phone/Fax: 030 813 45 00

Near U3: Oskar Helene Heim Bus 285: Am Waldfriedhof

Our Church is solely funded by its members & donations.

Donations or payments of tithing can be made directly

into the church account:

Commerzbank IBAN: DE92 1004 0000 0611 1777 00


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