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Convergence V44 Farewell Issue

Malaysia's Airports Magazine

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Editorial Board GOODBYE PRINT, HELLO ONLINE! Happy 2018! We hope the new year is treating you well and you will accomplish all your resolutions this year! Our resolution for the year is to stay relevant to readers nationwide and we are keeping this promise by announcing our most profound and exciting news as of yet – we are going digital! Convergence hit the ground running as an informative and inspiring airport magazine in 2010 and today, the magazine is a trusty and friendly companion that every traveller has come to know. But, the time for a digital migration is inevitable and it has finally arrived on our shores. The decision to go online will allow us to produce prime content that reaches a wider group of audience apart from interacting with readers and learning the needs, wants and experiences of every traveller. Our e-Convergence is expected to debut in the third quarter of this year. In the meantime, we will continue to connect with readers via Malaysia Airports' social media platforms. Stay updated with Malaysia Airports on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram by following #MYairportsconvergence from March 2018. This will be our final print issue but that does not stop us from transporting you to a few days in Myanmar's capital if you're in the Southeast Asia region. If you are travelling with children, plan a holiday to the land down under, remember to check the weather before you go as it is still is the northeast monsoon season, especially in Malaysia. If you are looking to shop, head on over to 'Land of the Rising Sun' on page 62 or go green with your purchases by supporting Project Woodworks, a company that produces watches and other lifestyle items from wood that is sourced sustainably, on page 84. Also, here's a resolution you might enjoy while travelling – learn a skill while you are at it! Flip to page 92 and see which of our 12 skills you fancy learning! We truly hope you enjoy our this last printed issue of Convergence as we bid you farewell. Till we meet again, happy reading and happy travels. 3