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Convergence V44 Farewell Issue

Malaysia's Airports Magazine

Special Feature 12

Special Feature 12 TRICKS ON TRIPS Learn new skills or shall we say, 'tricks' while travelling in the new year! From whipping up a mean plate of couscous and grilled vegetables in Dubai to tapping those two feet to a tune that shakes both your shoulders and body in Brazil, gaining such experiences in a foreign land is a surety in adding memories that will last a lifetime. 92

Special Feature SURFING IN HAWAII Surf's up! Why not learn to surf or take your game to the next level in a place that started it all – Oahu's Duke Kahanamoku Beach? The beach is named after famed former Olympic athlete and father of modern surfing, Duke Kahanamoku. In addition to the thrill of catching a perfect wave, surfing offers a host of health benefits from cardiovascular fitness to strengthened core, leg and shoulder muscles. DIVING IN SABAH Deflate your buoyancy-controlling device (BCD) and start sinking to the bottom of the ocean for an experience underwater! The state of Sabah in the east coast of Malaysia is home to the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park which consists of five islands located near to the state's capital, Kota Kinabalu. The islands are Gaya, Sapi, Manukan, Mamutik and Sulug. Choose one, two or even three dive of these islands which make great dive sites for both beginners and advanced divers. COOKING IN DUBAI Food is always an important aspect while travelling so why not make some of your own? Partake in an open-session cooking class with chef-instructors claiming to make it easy enough without dumbing it down. Browse through restaurants at hotels or even independent stores and learn to prepare both local and international delicacies. How about some hot and cold mezzeh, such as fattoush, kibbeh, hummus and mouhalabia, as well as couscous and hearty tagines, sipping cups of refreshing Moroccan tea in between? Chances are you are most probably going to eat what you cooked with a touch of hopefully, constructive criticism. 93