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Convergence V44 Farewell Issue

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Special Feature CYCLING

Special Feature CYCLING IN GIETHOORN Imagine this: you are racing through the park or down a busy road with the air whooshing in your face and the world flying by. You are free to go wherever you want and capable of getting there without having to resort to shutting yourself off from the world in a car or train. You feel excellent in body and mind, it is a workout and it is a joy. Now, that is cycling! But, let's not end just there. Learn to cycle in one of the best 'playgrounds' – Giethoorn. The loudest sound here, at Netherland's water village, is the quacking of a duck or the noise made by other birds. Located within the province of Overijssel in the east of the Netherlands, Giethoorn is at the centre of Overijssel’s canal system. Indeed, the little village is so dependent on its waterways, many of the houses cannot be reached by road. On the plus side, even if you fall, it is just water! Giethoorn picture by Ruud Greven, FISHING IN GEORGIA Are you learning to be more patient in life? Take up fishing! This state in the United States, however, is famous for a certain type of fishing – fly fishing. Stay at a local resort which usually has several on-site ponds that offer lessons with instructors. Anglers looking for a more in depth experience can spend a full day with expert guides and learn rigging techniques, knots and how to read the water when fishing. LEARN AIKIDO IN TOKYO Pick an Aikido camp in Tokyo and get ready to understand more of its art. You will have the chance to improve your Aikido skills in the land of the rising sun, where many other martial arts originated. It’s not just karate or judo camps that are popular here because an Aikido training holiday is also favourite amongst martial arts students. Since Aikido has become more and more popular, a lot of schools have been put up to cater to the needs of the 'aikidokas' or the aikido practitioners. 96

Lifestyle Xin Nian Kuai Le! The Chinese New Year has dawned upon us and many are gearing to celebrate the festivities with friends and family. But, do you know what are the rituals and activities that take place before the first day of Chinese New Year as well as the things you should not do during the festivities to avoid bringing bad luck to you and your family? Read on to learn more! 97