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Slipstream - October 1963

The monthly newsletter of the Maverick Region of the Porsche Club of America

Slipstream - October

VOL I, Noo 2 MAVERICK NEWSLETTER Published by and for the Maverick Region J PA Pre sident ~ Robert Barnet Vice = Pre B ~ Jame sN 0 Tulloh:1 MD Secretary~ Alverne Horsfall Treasure r : Sue Starne s Edi tor:; ,Jeff Horsfall October 1963 Howdy Mavericks: Our October meeting, held last Fr iday night (the 11th) certainl y rivals the Se~tember gathering for the title of "best meeti ng of the year" c To some , in cert...ain 'Ways) it was bette;rj to others" for different r ea.sons, perhaps not 0 0 0 0 If attende.n~e is a measure 7 it ".las - 30 Porschists were there, i ncluding 9 non·aoPCA members. We were espec"ally pleased to welcome our visitors, Mr & Mrs George Henderson, Dallas j Mr Wal te r Hoot, Gen Mgr of Fore ign Ca.:r Co, Ft Worth; Captain & Mrs Ed Kri stoff, .Ft Worth; Mr & Mrs Manson Mathis, Dall.a.Sj and Mr & Mrs Ira 0 Whi t t enberg Jr, Hurst. The Hend reons and the Whitte :bergs paid us t:heir second visit to date, and we l ook forward to seeing them oite as membe So A special invitation to "come back" was e-tended to Manson and Suelle Mathis who recently moved from OoT. at Austin to Dall a.s here he is with Texas Instrumen.tso I.t wss our special plea.sure to welcome Wa.l ter Hoot who has pla.yed " e1n nost" to the Maverick Resion in the past and is known to most of us 0 As previosly SJ.mounced, we_ nominated and elected a slate of officers for the coming yearQ Effective i November, your club offi e s are as follows; Jeff Horsfall, Preeident.; Jim Tulloh,jI rice-Pres; Bob Parker, Treasurer; and Alverne Horsfall , Secretary. Speaking for a.ll the Mavericks'p may I say "Thanks II to those who served as office r s during the past year, the first year of the Maverick Region, PCA . Following the business portio of the meeting, Charles Ogilvi.e presented t he pr ogr am :for the evening, & thrilling 16mm color/sound movie of the 1963 Monte Ca '10 Rally. While on the s"J.bje~t of our first year, I am pleased 0 announce t hat our First Anniversary dinner meeting has been set for Saturday, 9 November at the Cross Keys Restaurant in Fort Worth. This promises to be a gala affair and we hope t o see i n a tendance many of our friends who ha' ffl been unable to at tend our meetings and events during the past few monthsq We plan to meet for cockt ails at 7:00pm, and we have arranged to have dinner served starting at 8: 00 pm. Our commit t ee i n charge announced that the plans include a steak dinner which will be followed by a soir ee in the adjoining Casa Del Sol club~ The ' di~~er viII cost about $3 .25 per person, the management 'Will provide the fiset-ups", so bring whatever you l ik.e over your i ce-cubeso The Cross Keys must know in advance how many to prepare f or; theref ore, you are asked to complete and detach the reservation form at t he bottom of thi s newsletter, and mai l it posthaste to Mary Lou Tulloh, 6021 Shelton St, Fort Worth 12, Texas 0 Our next event is scheduled for next Sunday, 20 Octo"be r ~ Charles and Revs. Ogil vie have laid out a TYPe I rally for us and we are hoping f or a good t urnout t o j ustify t heir considerable ef'forts on our behalf 0 The Ogilivies have promised us a straightf orward, "oo""ginuni. tI TcSoDo rally, restricted t.o non-mechanical rally equi pment, which will be suitable for novice ral1yists o Following the rally, there will be a "skull.-session.'! at the Ogilvies home, conducted by BiD Heaton,? a lo~al r ally specia1ist o The rally ill start at the SoW c corner of US Hwy 287 {Sout h ) and E o Berry i n Fort Worth. \~e ~ill meet at 1:00 pm z the first car starts at 1 ~3 0 pm D Youall come ! To Maverick Region, peA Please make reservations for myself and person{s) f or t he "rst Anni ve r sary Dinner on Sa, urday, 9 November 1963 J at the Cross Keys Restaurant, For t Worth~ Texas . (Signature ) (Name or other p,r son) Po S" It will help us greatly i n planni ng and definite arrangements '..1i th the Cross Keys to have your remittance with this r e servation for.lIl; thereforeJ; you are asked to enclose your check or a money order i n the proper amount ($ 3.25 per person) made payable t o J 'a.tDeS No Tu.lloh j who i s in charge of arrangements .

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